Relatives of MP Urruticoechea and other MPs used a card issued by the Chamber to load up on petrol

Relatives of some MEPs have used the cards to load up on petrol, intended solely for parliamentary work. So did the legislators’ blood relatives Christopher Urruticoechea (Republican Party), Claudia Mix (common) or Viviana Delgado (Green Ecologist Party).

Since 2018, the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies has given parliamentarians a card to top up petrol or diesel at the main distribution companies in the sector: Copec, Shell and Petrobras (with which the Corporation has an agreement).

Cards are personal and non-transferable. The vehicle license number and card number are recorded on the plastic. Its use requires some checks. For example, a petrol loader must dictate his RUT and a password to the firefighter assisting him at the gas station.

Relatives used cards

ciper had access to some debits made with cards, with data between 2018 and 2022. The newspaper found that the wife and son of deputy Urruticoechea, Tamara Kupfer And Ignacio Urruticoechearespectively, he used the card to load gasoline.

Küpfer loaded up on petrol with the card on at least 38 occasions. Meanwhile, the deputy’s son loaded 34 liters of diesel on January 18, 2021 in San Bernardo. He also did it on another occasion, on July 16, 2021, in Concón (the charge was $46,413).

The Secretary of the Chamber, Michael Landeros, explained that, noting that relatives of deputies use the card, the MPs apologized that these relatives were with them in the vehicle. This cannot be verified. Anyway, ciper found that Urruticoechea’s relatives used the card when the congressman was in Congress.

For example, at 2:42 pm on September 28, 2021, Urruticoechea entered the chamber of the Chamber of Valparaíso. At 2:55 pm the same day, his wife loaded 46,000 pesos worth of 93-octane gasoline at a Los Angeles gas station. They were separated by a distance of 619 kilometers.

The same thing happened on July 20, 2021. The Republican Party lawmaker arrived at the House session at 10:07. At 10:49, your wife loaded 10 liters of gas in Los Angeles.

Urruticoechea’s relatives aren’t the only ones to have used the cards. The daughter of MP Claudia Mix, Catalina Martínez MixI used the card on at least four occasions between December 2021 and May 2022. In total, he spent $160,000 pesos.

At the same time, there are 22 loads performed by Victor Villar, an official of the Municipality of Maipú. Between August 2019 and August 2021, he racks up over $600,000 in charges.

“MP Claudia Mix does not have a driving licence, so driving will always be in the hands of one or a third person, support or close staff, to support her in her transfer,” the MP’s team said.

“Indeed, the driver on duty is the one who has to deliver her carriageway, but the associated cars are exclusively those of the MP and her cabinet chief. The MP maintains a busy schedule throughout the year, including weekends “, they added.

For his part, the deputy’s husband Viviana Delgado, daniele espinozawhich made at least 14 loads between April and November 2022. Delgado pointed out that his wife works as a pro bono driver.

Finally the deputy Boris Barrara (PC) pointed out that in January 2020 his petrol card was stolen. With it, they seized $1.7 million in cargoes of gasoline in three different regions.

“When the expense arrived in March we realized, we communicated to the secretary general (of the Chamber) that this expense was not ours because there were charges outside the district and region, that is, it was impossible for it to be ours. We asked the person who used the card (a consultant) and, of course, she remembered the last time he poured gas and when he looked for the card he didn’t have it anymore,” Barrera said.

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