The short film Iquiqueño gets the Oscar qualification

Historic novelty for audiovisual creation in the Tarapacá region and northern Chile is the Oscar qualification for the highly acclaimed short film “Desert Stars”, directed by Iquican director Katherina Harder Sacre, and which was financed by the Ministry’s Audiovisual Promotion Fund of Culture, Arts and Heritage and the Regional Government of Tarapacá.

This result was achieved after the work was awarded by Short TV, a television channel in the United States, which is the most important and worldwide recognized dedicated to short films.

In this way, “Stars of the Desert” will be seen by the Academy together with 200 other short films from all over the world, representing Chile in the Live Action Short Films category.

The work will try to be part of the “Short List” which will be released on December 21st.

This is confirmation of the international recognition of this short film which was released worldwide in June of this year in Los Angeles, California and which has an impressive international tour where it has been selected in more than 65 international competitions in more than 29 countries .

The 19-minute creation addresses the water crisis from the point of view of the children of the community of Pachica, in inland Iquique.

For Katherina Harder Sacre, achieving “Long List,” or Oscar-qualifying status, was “an incredible and unexpected surprise that never even crossed our minds. The mere fact that our short film is seen by the Academy is already a great achievement that fills us with emotion. We are happy to be able to help position the cinema made in Tarapacá on an international scale, through this work and that the name of Iquique and Pachica remains in the register of members of the Academy ”, she said.

Additionally, the director said it’s great to see how a story with a local history resonates and connects so powerfully with various people and communities around the world.

“Everything that is happening with the short film is a great motivation to continue creating and growing local productions in our region,” he said.

In the coming weeks, after having viewed about 200 short films from all over the world, in December the Academy will select, by voting, the finalists who will win the prestigious Academy Award.


The show was filmed in the city of Pachica, in the hinterland of the Tarapacá region, with the participation of boys and girls from the region and the performance of the famous actress Catalina Saavedra. “Star of the Desert” portrays the water crisis that is affecting northern Chile, the consequence of which is, among many others, migration. This under the gaze of a 12-year-old boy who, together with his friends from a football team, sees his city disappear.

“Desert Stars”, in addition to this Academy title, was part of the official selection of the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York, one of the most important in the international film industry. As a result, it received several awards and recognitions such as: Best International Short Film at the New York Latino Film Festival; best national short film at SANFIC; Best International Short at the Ensenada Film Festival (Argentina); best international short film at the Serra da Estrela-CINEECO Seia International Environmental Film Festival (Portugal); best Latin American short film at the Social Images Festival in La Rioja (Argentina); best short film at the American Film Festival – FICAH in Mexico; Best Short Film for Children at DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival in Ukraine; Special Jury Prize and Best Editing at Visioni Corte in Italy and Special Jury Prize at La Serena-FECILS Film Festival. In this way it became the most awarded short film from Iquica in history, being highlighted by Cinemachile as one of the most important Chilean short films of the year.

Regarding the “Stars of the Desert” exhibition in Iquique and the possibilities of reaching the municipalities of the interior, Katherina Harder Sacre, clarified that “although there are no precise dates yet, one of our main wishes is to exhibit the operates in several places in our region. We would like to tour in the coming months (between January and March). We will announce the dates through the networks of our production company Volcánica Films”.

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