The Committee of Ministers rejects the claims against the mines of Los Bronces and Alto Maipo

The Committee of Ministers, chaired by the Minister of the Environment, and made up of the portfolios of the Economy, Health, Agriculture, Energy and Mines, held its sixth ordinary session of the year 2022 this Friday.

On this occasion, two appeals presented by citizens against the decisions of the authorities that resolved the requests for exceptional review of two Environmental Qualification Resolutions (RCA) of the Anglo-American projects “Desarrollo Los Bronces” and the Hydroelectric Plant were rejected. .

The Anglo-American Bronzes

Firstly, the appeal presented by the Neighborhood Council of Las Varas against the exempt resolution n. , by CONAMA, which qualified the EIA of the project called “Desarrollo Los Bronces”, owned by Anglo American Sur SA, as environmentally favourable.

In this case, residents have asked for the resolution to be revised due to the road impact of the project on the G-21 Santiago-Farellones route, arguing that the owner’s motorized vehicles would increase with the execution of the project.

“The Committee of Ministers has resolved on the Los Bronces Development Project to reject the appeal lodged against the resolution of the Executive Management of the SEA, with which it was resolved not to modify RCA n. 3159/2007, of CONAMA, which favorably qualified the Studio of Environmental Impact of the “Desarrollo Los Bronces” Project, currently underway”, expressed by the Ministry of the Environment.

Furthermore, they added that “the Superintendence of the Environment will be charged with examining the precedents and evaluating the origin of the inspection”.

In this sense, they explained that the basis of the decision is that “there is no substantial change in the variable assessed and contemplated in the Monitoring Plan (use of the G-21 route), with respect to which conditions or measures have been imposed. However , there are circumstances that could lead to possible violations of the provisions contained in the RCA, with the mandate of the Superintendence of the Environment to supervise if necessary in these cases.

Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Plant

In the case of Alto Maipo, the appeal filed by Alejandra Donoso, on behalf of Maite Birke, was voted against exempt resolution no. 20211300165, of 16 September 2021, of the Environmental Assessment Commission (COEVA) of the Metropolitan Region, which approved the RCA review request no. 256/2009, by the COREMA of the Metropolitan Region, which qualified the EIA of the project called “Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Plant”, owned by Alto Maipo SpA, as environmentally favourable.

In the present case, given the public facts of water outcrops in the tunnels, the appellant requested a review of the measures established by the Commission, arguing that they were not sufficient to deal with the impacts that would be generated, in quantitative terms of water resources . above the pelvis.

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