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The World Cup and the usual surprises begin, to the joy of some and the sadness of others. They are also in full swing the International Poetry Festival (FIP) and the Santiago International Documentary Festival (FIDOCS), which will last until next November 30, while In-Edit It’s just around the corner.

  • In this edition of cultivate yourself: the song that the deceased Paul Milanes dedicated to a homosexual friend, the homage he will receive Steven Spielberg at the Berlinale and the theory of trees that talk to each other.



I interviewed the French director Antoine Sextier, author of the documentary Stairson the bar of the same name that welcomed Latin American musicians who came to Paris between the 1950s and 1980sand which will be exhibited as part of the In-Edit festival on 9 December at the GAM cultural centre, at 18:00.

  • Sextier told me, among other things, that the film contains an unreleased song by Violeta Parra herself, who played in the venue during her stay in the French capital, and where artists of the stature of Atahualpa Yupanqui and Gabriel García Márquez have also passed.

  • Other heroes of Chilean music also speak in the documentary, such as Patricio Castillo (Quilapayún) and Ángel Parra.

The full interview here.



The New York Times has just published an article in which several scientists express their doubts about the theory that trees communicate with each otherin the so-called wide web wood.

  • In a recent interview about published research, several researchers cited by the journal found little evidence that shared fungal networks help trees communicate, exchange resources, or thrive. Indeed, several scientists have said that these networks have not been shown to be widespread or play a significant role in forests.

  • Last year, ecologist Kathryn Flinn, of Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio, written inside American scientist that some experts have exaggerated the degree of cooperation between trees in forests.

  • The researchers also uncovered a growing number of unsubstantiated claims in the scientific literature on connections between trees and the help made possible by fungal networks.

  • One of them concluded that “scientists have become carriers of baseless claims”, and pointed out that several recent articles have discussed the need for changes in the way forests are managed, based on the concept of wide web wood.



I am a great admirer of the Italian writer Roberto Saviano, than in his book gomorrah (2006) describes how the mafia works in his city, Naples, as in a novel.

  • Because of this text, which was a best seller world, This journalist not only had to leave his beloved city and his girlfriend left him, but he also lives under permanent police protection.

  • With the hypothesis of a far-right government in Italy, difficult winds are blowing for him. The new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, has sued her for defamation, for having called her a “bastard” on a television show.

  • Now the author has suspended his participation in two events scheduled at the Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia (central Italy)in which he had to present his latest book, for fear of attacks against him.

“On the one hand there is a ferocious conduct of defamation, of isolation, on the other prudence, distinction, clarifications, fear, silence for convenience. This creates loneliness. Luckily I know I’m not alone: ​​I feel the solidarity of those who read me, of those who support the ideas I express and of some of my colleagues, the bravest (few, among writers, are)”. lamented the writer.

  • He added that “standing under fire and friendly fire is martyrdom.” and underlined: “I am not a martyr, but a writer and through what is happening to me you could understand the drift of the country”.



If there is a Hollywood filmmaker who has marked my generation (ie those born in the distant 70s), it is Steven Spielberg, glamorous both right and left with his films.

  • I personally don’t remember seeing it ET Not less Shark (I never understood that pleasure of feeling fear), but yes Schindler’s List, Save Private Ryan Y Monkall things that struck me, for different reasons.

  • Now the Berlinale will honor with an honorary Golden Bear the career of this American director, producer and screenwriter, in the 73rd edition, which will kick off on February 16th.

  • As part of the awards ceremony, his most recent work, The Fabelmans (The Fabelmans), a film with autobiographical traits, in which Spielberg retraces his childhood in a very personal way.



He was one of the artists of the Cuban Revolution as a member of Nueva Trova, together with Silvio Rodríguez, though he ended up away from the government of the island.

  • Very soon he expressed his criticism of the Revolution and was interned in a Military Production Aid Unit (UMAP),with only 23 years. Other “undesirables” were also destined there, such as common criminals, but also many homosexuals.

  • Many years later, Milanés recounted that the latter were the ones who had the worst time there. This affected him because his music producer and one of his best friends, Lázaro Gómez, was gay. He was very fond of him, so much so that he even dedicated a song to him, “Original Sin”, as the newspaper recalled this week. Third.

“Two souls, two bodies / Two men who love each other / About to be expelled from paradise / Who were meant to live”, says the song, dating back to 1994.

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