Launch of the Luce e Memoria website

Launch of the Luce e Memoria website

  • Memory Museum, Matucana 501, Metro Quinta Normal.
  • Wednesday 7 December – 7.00pm
  • See the site here.

Coming to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the coup in Chile, it is essential to revisit the historical memory of the country and with it to enhance the need to protect the places of memory throughout the territory. This in a national context where denial and impunity are perpetuated over time; where sites and memorials are vandalised, where the lower house jeopardizes the legitimate support and funding of the institutions responsible for promoting the defense of human rights.

Faced with attempts to relativize historical memory, awaiting reparation and justice for the crimes committed during the civil-military dictatorship, the Luz y Memoria Collective will make available to the community the digital platform which emerges as a tool for visibility and resistance of memory sites and their significance in Chile.

“The places of memory represent an architectural testimony, they are evidence that reveal how these places were occupied in favor of repression,” says Marcelo Salinas, coordinator of the Luz y Memoria site. “It is essential to take responsibility for the preservation of these places and keep alive the memory of spaces that will tell future generations what really happened in Chile”.

With this premise and after five years of experience in lighting memorial sites, the collective identified the need to have a digital platform that records the milestones that constitute the lighting of at least one memorial site for each region of the country , considering that almost More than 30 spaces have been declared historic monuments by the National Monuments Council of Chile.

The collective’s light artist, Julio Escobar, explains the process of the interventions carried out on the different sites: “We carried out a field survey, where we visited the spaces to understand their architecture and context, together with interviewing people who in the past through these detention and torture centers. All the information gathered is transformed into artistic decision-making criteria for interventions. Therefore, the records are available to the community on the Luz y Memoria website.

The platform, financed by the Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts (FONDART Regionale), will be inaugurated on Wednesday 7 December at 19:00 at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights.

About the Collective Light and Memory

The purpose of the organization that emerged in 2015 is to illuminate the places of memory throughout the Chilean territory, constituting a contribution to the work of memory and human rights in Chile through art.

To date, four experiences have been carried out in different areas of the country which have added an important record of research, testimonials and creative experiences. These were in chronological order: Memorial Site Ex Clinica Santa Lucía, Santiago (2015), Memorial Site Colón #636 – House of Human Rights (2016), Memorial Site Former Providencia Detention Center, Antofagasta (2017) and National Stadium of Memory Site, Santiago (2017).

For more information, this project is also available on Instagram: @luzymemoria and on Facebook: @luzymemoria.

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