Chilean graphic and political art is presented in Mexico City

With a first version at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, the Latin American art exhibition entitled “Giro Gráfico: Como en el muro la hiedra”, is conceived by the Red de Conceptualismos del Sur, with the aim of portraying the revolutionary movements of the language Latin America through its graphic expressions. From November this year to May 2023, it will take place at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC), of the Autonomous University of Mexico.

The Galería CIMA team, made up of Trinidad Lopetegui, Sebastián Rojas and Daniel Aguayo, was present at the opening of this exhibition, trying to replicate the Madrid experience in terms of networks to encourage collaboration in different media that amplify these issues sociopolitical. . Your assistance for the development of these activities is a project financed by the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts, call 2022.

The Red de Conceptualismos del Sur, with its team of more than 30 researchers and activists, worked collectively on this exhibition, relying on a decentralized curatorship and coordination team, with researchers Nicole Cristi, Paulina Varas and Javiera being part of the Chilean team. Steers.

In this international exhibition, the works of Delight Lab in collaboration with Galería CIMA are presented as part of the works from Chile with the intervention “May your face cover the horizon”, light mapping by Camilo Catrillanca that is presented as graphic light.

Also the work of César Valencia “Emotional medicine graphic production” which is part of the secret graphics, which serves as a critical mapping of the relationships that converge in the social explosion.

And the work of Gonzalo Castro-Colimil, who shares the work “Ka zeumatün” (resignifying) which points to the Chilean double standard and the de facto powers that presume recognition of the original peoples and territories affected by mining, commercial and military activity in Wallmapu, accompanied by a photographic archive called “Newenmayam ti azentun”, consisting of a series of graphic actions raised by the Artistic Operations Coordinator, collectivizing with different cultural engines of the region.

Historical cases are also presented, such as Luz Donoso, in graphic bodies, with the series of signs of 1979 and the Agrupación de Plástico Jóvenes APJ, which developed graphics of resistance to the dictatorship, in the Persistences of memory core, of which are exhibited: the “1984” series (26 posters that form a mural graphic), the “Libertad” poster (developed for the 1980 plebiscite), the Justice poster (from 1986 and which integrates its production process with original stencils) and the first tribute in Santiago Nattino in 1986. Furthermore, within the agora section of the present, the documentation of “a rapist on your path” is integrated, developed in different territories by organized and self-convoked groups of women after the representation of LASTESIS.

In addition to the exhibition at MUAC, Galería CIMA will present the work CENTINELA on Friday December 2 in the Proyector MX space, creating an instance of dialogue around this audiovisual work that deals with the transformation and registration of the Plaza de la Dignidad, through its live image that has been broadcast on YouTube since the start of the October 2019 demonstrations.

This work was created after an invitation to exhibit at the nGbK gallery in Berlin where it was part of the “Museum of Democracy”, offering for the first time an edited image based on emotion and thought witnessing historical events such as the social burst. This piece has already been exhibited in Berlin, Madrid and Santiago, this being a new opportunity to expand and share experiences in foreign communities interested in the Chilean reality.


Graphic lap. Like the ivy on the wall
MUAC University Museum of Contemporary Art
Southern Insurgents 3000
University Cultural Center, Delegation of Coyoacán, CDMX
from November 2022 to May 2023

Friday 2 December, 6.00pm
MX projector
Av. Ing. Basiliso Romo Anguiano 175, Industriale, CDMX

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