Presentation of the book “Shards of rage”

Presentation of the book “Shards of rage”

  • Talca University Cultural Extension Center, Quebec 415, Providencia.
  • Tuesday 6 December – 7.00pm

“Shards of rage” is the third book published by Juan Pablo Belair, but the first of the short stories. Belair has a Masters in Latin American Literature, a Masters in Ethics, consultant and lecturer in ethics, inclusion, diversity and gender equity. And it can be said that the thread that unites these stories is born from there.

“I don’t want them to just be fun, I want them to move the tightrope we’re walking on in a precarious balance, I want them to touch flesh and go through it like splinters. Like a tightrope walker, as seen on the cover, a man on a tightrope, dodging between life and death on the journey,” says Belair.

Of these eight stories, some are written in the first person, giving a more or less explicit glimpse of a self-search: reflective, ethical, but partial and not always aware, leaving the ethical exercise to the reader.

“Juan Pablo Belair’s stories investigate with curious honesty an object that is difficult to tackle for today’s literature: the conscience of an adult man. His stories allow us to look from within, from pain and also from humor, some male trajectories in which unfortunate dysfunctions appear, the remote origin of some of their pains, and sometimes, also, spaces of male sensitivity that are rarely openly represented. It is worth reading these narratives in which the experience of being a man finds an expression, finds the words of him ”, says Ignacio Álvarez, PhD in Literature and professor in the Department of Literature of the University of Chile.

“These stories were taking shape from observation. There were lifestyles, a successful model, a worldview, even a masculinity that caught my eye. And I thought that this position in the world is neither trivial nor harmless, and I made the exercise of representing them and seeing what was happening, what was happening to me, using the materials that I have most at hand, somehow the literature as a prism and vital laboratory”, underlines Juan Pablo Belair.

“Esquirlas de la rabia” internalizes the reader in a series of stories ranging from generational to metal literature, characters immersed in a capitalist system that blows up and governs much of the experiential experiences in the Republic of Chile and that leave us a savor of solitude, boredom and the feeling of always being pulled by the ropes of power.

“The potential explosion of the chain, whose accumulated source of daily violence, our daily bread, will become nothing worse than the word nothing. And that is my space, what am I?” writes Belair, like a literary researcher who travels through spaces and sensitivities already known to all, putting together a map of his own identity”, says Tania Encina, editorial director of Das Kapital and Glück Editions. .


She is a consultant and lecturer on ethics, inclusion, diversity and gender equality. Ontological Coach, Master in Ethics and Global Governance (University of London) and Master in Latin American Literature (Alberto Hurtado University).

In 2008 he published the collection of poems La resaca de la tristeza (Mago Editores) and some of his poems have been selected in poetic anthologies of the same label. He has published articles, book or author reviews in academic and popular journals and on blogs, websites and RRSS.

He is managing partner of Ars Global Consulting. He is editor and co-author of the book Social Responsibility: An Ethical Imperative of a Global Society (Universidad de La Serena, 2011).

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