Museo Violeta Parra and U. de Chile unveil the historical archive of Ángel Parra

Drawings by Ángel and Javiera, their children; a painting by Violeta Parra; a studio photo by Ángel Parra; a work by the artist Carlos Pinto in homage to Violeta Parra; a suitcase with Latin flutes and other musical instruments; various manuscripts; correspondence; tenths by Roberto Parra from “La Negra Ester”; His photographs from the period between 1975 and 1989 and some documents from the Violeta Parra exhibition at the Louvre. These are part of the treasures that are part of singer-songwriter Ángel Parra’s archive, which were opened this week after his arrival in the country earlier this year.

The opening of the artist’s archive was held in the Violeta Parra Museum Room, recently inaugurated at the MAC Quinta Normal, where some of Ángel’s objects are already on display, such as a Ukulele, a Chilean Guitarrón “a la humano”, a flute, percussion instruments and photographs of the artist; this as part of the exhibition “I have hundreds of friends”.

As indicated by the conservation team of the Violeta Parra Museum Foundation, the material will be reviewed, inventoried, recorded, qualified, in its conservation process for its subsequent dissemination, in a long-term work.

The Vice Chancellor for Extension and Communications of the institution, Pilar Barba; the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Daniel Cruz; the president of the board of directors of the Violeta Parra Museum, Roberto Guerra Veas and Ángel Parra Orrego, son of Ángel Parra.

Family archive of public interest

Ángel Parra, son of the singer-songwriter and also a musician, was one of those present who opened part of the more than 20 boxes and parcels, already accompanied by a classification by Ruth Valentini. Violeta Parra’s nephew has stressed the importance of publicizing his father’s legacy.

“My father’s life was very hectic, intense, full of color, pain, creativity, family, music, art and Violeta. Trying to understand and archive the work of Violeta Parra and that of my father is an act of enormous generosity. As a family member, I feel a kind of blessing that there is so much interest, respect and affection, and I feel that the people of Chile have the same interest in knowing why this family was a certain way,” he said.

“As the University of Chile, we are happy to be part of the process of arrival of this precious patrimonial heritage of Ángel Parra in our country, and with this, thanks to the collaborative work that we develop together with the MVP Foundation, his family and the MAC, to be able to part of its conservation and valorisation. As a public university, we are committed to supporting this process, so that current and future generations can know the traces of the songwriter’s memory,” said Pilar Barba.

“For the Violeta Parra Museum Foundation, it is a source of profound joy and pride that this archive, belonging to Ángel Parra, becomes part of the foundation’s heritage. We had the privilege of knowing some of the most intimate aspects of the relationship with her family, the correspondence with formidable friends, such as Alfredo Zitarrosa and Daniel Viglietti, materials that will also allow the public, researchers and those who love Violeta Parra, a large part of life of this prolific family, so deeply rooted in the Chilean people,” said Roberto Guerra Veas.

“The milestone we are celebrating today strengthens the alliance between the Violeta Parra Museum, the University of Chile and the MAC. One of the objectives of the collaboration agreement we signed concerns the census of the collections of both institutions, making them dialogue and together we think of new ways to disseminate and preserve heritage. We are happy that the Ángel Parra archive becomes part of this dialogue”, says Daniel Cruz, director of the MAC.

It should also be noted that this opening, which had a rigorous prior control together with the registration of the elements inside its boxes, was supervised by the Collections and Heritage Team of the Violeta Parra Museum.

“First, we’re going to take a complete inventory of all the stuff that’s out there. Then, we will create a database to track and account for the diversity of existing materials, such as manuscripts, photographs, audiovisual materials in different formats and of historical and cultural interest,” said the head of collections and heritage of the Violeta Parra Museum, Maria José Delpiano

The Fundación Museo Violeta Parra will take care of the forthcoming conservation and dissemination of the various items belonging to Ángel Parra; during the year 2023 it will be in the process of cataloging and recording to then open its doors to researchers and people interested in the artist’s archive.

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