Discover the bonuses you can have in December

It’s already the last month of the year and the last bonuses and subsidies that will be paid to workers and the elderly are approaching. Also, some of these will require prior application and compliance with certain requirements, while others will be automatic.

Some of these benefits are:

Labor hyphae

Starting Wednesday, December 7, IFE Labor will be delivered, a bonus of up to $300,000 pesos that you must apply for. It corresponds to those who have recently signed a new employment contract and who have been unemployed for at least one month. Gross remuneration must be equal to or less than $1.2 million pesos.

Until December 31st, applications will be available for those workers who have started a new contract since November 1st. To apply CLICK HERE.

Basic contribution to the basket

At the end of December, the Basic Basket Contribution voucher will be delivered to all Chilean families in which there is at least one member responsible for the Single Family Allowance (SUF), the Family Allowance, the Maternity Allowance, the Security and Opportunity Subsystem or the Solidarity Subsystem.

This is delivered to offset economic inflation and the amount reaches $11,408 pesos per originator.

Subsidy for single-family families

This subsidy corresponds to families who are part of the most vulnerable 60% according to the Social Register of Households (RSH) and who cannot support or raise the originator of this allowance themselves.

This benefit has increased to $16,418 pesos per family member and for people with disabilities it reaches $32,836.

This subsidy is requested in the corresponding municipality based on the person’s address and documents proving the situation described are required.

The subsidy protects

Starting this Sunday, December 11, the Protect subsidy will be paid to working mothers who have children under the age of 2 and do not have an employer-insured daycare. This subsidy is paid for three months.

It can also be received by working mothers of children under the age of 5 without necessarily having the right to nursery school from the employer. Applications started on Thursday 1st December and ended on Saturday 31st December.

Universal Guaranteed Pension

That’s a $193,917 benefit for seniors who aren’t in the income-earning top 10% in their segment.

Those who meet the conditions can apply here at any time of the year by entering their RUT. If you want to check if you are a potential beneficiary, CLICK HERE to start the procedure.

Family allowance

It corresponds to an economic benefit aimed at employees, self-employed, pensioners and subsidiaries.

This allowance is paid on the basis of the family responsibilities that people have registered and who meet the requirements.

The following amounts are delivered:

  • $16,418 per load, for those beneficiaries whose monthly income does not exceed $419,414.
  • $10,075 per load, for those beneficiaries whose monthly income exceeds $419,414 and does not exceed $612,598.
  • $3,184 per load, for those beneficiaries whose monthly income exceeds $612,598 and does not exceed $955,444.
  • Persons with credited or demonstrating family responsibilities, whose monthly income is greater than $955,444, will not be eligible for the above benefits.

Youth Employment Benefit (SEJ)

This benefit is aimed at young people aged 18-24 who are self-employed or self-employed and who belong to the most vulnerable 40% of the country according to the RSH.

Payment is made on Thursday 29 December and applications can be submitted throughout the year here.

Women’s Work Bonus (BTM)

It is intended for all women aged 25-59 who belong to the 40% most vulnerable according to the RSH.

To apply, you must enter the Sence website and log in with your unique password. The monthly payment for December will be made on the 29th of this month and can be received in the RUT account, in the bank account or with a withdrawal at the Banco Estado, depending on what the beneficiary has chosen at the time of application.

Guaranteed minimum income

It is a benefit intended for workers to reach the net salary of $340,817. It is intended for those who belong to the 90% most vulnerable according to the RSH and have an ordinary working day, i.e. a minimum of 30 hours per week.

You can apply throughout the year and the amount is delivered from the last five working days of the following month, so if you applied in November, you will receive it on 26 December.

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