Web page dedicated to the Tomecino artist Héctor Herrera Sanhueza, “El pajarero” is published

Three milestones mark the launch path of the website www.hectorherrera with which the homonymous archive makes available to the public the results obtained during the first phase of documentary research that a bi-regional team of professionals, rooted in the Metropolitan regions and Bío Bío , has been developing since 2020, with the aim of discovering and making visible the artistic career of the creator of Tomé, Héctor Herrera Sanhueza (1926-2007), whose life story, famous work -and unknown author- returns to the nest today, reappropriating the memory from the documents that the artist left in his workshop.

The launch path begins on Tuesday 6 December, at 7.00 pm, in Room C1 of the GAM, with the presentation of a video documentary made by Paulo Avilés, an audiovisual work that summarizes the investigative process through the testimony of various people linked to the archive from its origins to today. The activity will be subject to registration here.

The day includes the debate “From family memory to collective memory” in which the artisan and researcher Alicia Cáceres González, the art historian and archivist Isidora Neira and the teacher Paz Herrera Sepúlveda, daughter of the artist, will dialogue with the community .


Starting the journey in the GAM is particularly significant since in the cellars of its building, formerly the headquarters of the Third World Conference on Trade and Development of the United Nations, UNCTAD III, a wall tapestry was found that Herrera created for the art collection that he lived in the historic building, built during the popular government of President Salvador Allende Gossens, until it was occupied by the military junta as an operational center of the dictatorship with the name of Edificio Diego Portales.

The collection of documents contained on the website is freely accessible and is organized by topics such as chronology, craft fairs, correspondence, press, papers, jazz, textiles, Stories of Altomé, among other categories that are enriched by the exchange with the so-called aviary community mainly through the Instagram social network @hector.herrera.pajarero where the stories of those who own or remember Herrera’s works are shared.

the roaming

After the first presentation at the GAM, the tour continues its journey in the Metropolitan Region with a day specially designed for the meeting between people and realities linked to Heritage, an appointment that will take place on Wednesday 20 December, at 19:00. : 00 hours, at the Nemesio Antúnez Foundation (Melchor Concha y Toro 153, Providencia).

The itinerary culminates with the arrival of the team in the Bío Bío Region, to meet the community of Tomé, the hometown that the artist loved and whose biodiversity deeply inspired his imagination. The presentation will take place at the Teatro del Centro Cultural, Wednesday 11 January, at 7.26 pm, with guests the artist Santiago Espinoza, the goldsmith craftsman Esteban Sánchez Binimellis and the writer Darwin Rodríguez.

Along with this activity, the city of Tomé will host the photobiographical exhibition EL PAJARERO HÉCTOR HERRERA SANHUEZA throughout the month of January in the Hall and in front of the Cultural Center and, on Saturday 14 January, at 21:00, in the Plaza des Arts, he is invited to before the third audiovisual chronicle of the HISTORIAS DE ALTOME series, this time with chapter 7 “My family and the artists”, a story in the voice of the master engraver Américo Caamaño Quijada, after that piece All the audiovisuals of the archive will be screened.

All the news and information from the Héctor Herrera Archive are available on the social networks Facebook and Instagram @hector.herrera.pajarero #ComunidadPajarera.

Cultural management: Sandra Gaete Ziebold
Communication and mediation: Alejandra Villarroel Sánchez
Research and texts: Pablo Orellana Galleguillos
Archive and research: Catalina Iglesias Yacher and Olivia Guasch Antúnez
Archival consultant: Isidora Neira Ocampo
Recording and audiovisual production: Paulo Avilés Huencho
Images: Héctor Herrera Archive

The www.hectorherrera.cl page is a project financed by the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts, coveted national funding, Call 2022.

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