Paz Errázuriz exhibition in the Nemesio Antúnez Gallery of the UMCE

Paz Errázuriz exhibition in the Nemesio Antúnez Gallery of the UMCE

  • Galleria Nemesio Antúnez UMCE, Av. José Pedro Alessandri 774, Ñuñoa.
  • Until December 31st.
  • Monday to Friday – 10am to 5pm.
  • Free entry.

Twenty photographs, most of which have never been exhibited before, arrive as part of “Imperfect Archive”, an exhibition by Paz Errázuriz, National Prize for Plastic Arts 2017 and one of the most internationally recognized Chilean photographers.

This unedited material includes images of marches, women, faces, streets and other moments and places of everyday life in the 1980s.

Credit: Paz Errázuriz.

“These photographs had not been shown before due to their recording nature. We know Paz’s series of photographic essays, which delimited themes and spaces, but ‘El infarto del alma’, ‘Adamo’s apple’, ‘Los nomads del mar’ did not arise from nothing. He has carried out a practice sustained over time, of seeking, seeing, being, documenting, and that is what this exhibition aims to reveal,” explains Ángeles Donoso, researcher and writer, who works with the photographer as part of a Fondart project that includes this exhibition and the publication of a book.

“It is a visual and textual reflection on the ‘woman’ category, not to close it, but to open it, question it and explore it through photography,” he adds.

The reasons why these records are now exhibited are related to the historical moment of the country.

Credit: Paz Errázuriz.

“These archives take on new meanings. Today feminisms question us and take away the floor, that is, from the public debate. Next year will also be the 50th anniversary of the coup. There is also the context of the revolt and of everything that has happened since the plebiscitary exit and the new entrenchment of the right. Coming back with these photographs, after a long time, is a self-reflexive exercise, which allows us to remember and offer that possibility to the public”, the researcher points out.

“Opening this exhibition in a public university is very important. Photographs are richer tools than any other to trigger certain conversations and debates, especially on issues that have to do with the memory of feminist activism, the women’s movement and everyday families,” she adds about the sample who will continue her roaming in Puerto Montt in January.
Simón Farriol, curator of the UMCE Nemesio Antúnez Gallery, underlines the importance of having this exhibition in our University.

Credit: Paz Errázuriz.

“We are deeply proud to be able to count on the photographic work of Paz Errázuriz, who has maintained a productive trajectory that makes her one of the greatest national filmmakers. Her gaze and her interest throughout her authorial life have focused on the commitment of show what is not revealed in society, marginalized and locked in. Said universe portrayed by Paz makes this exhibition a focus related to our gallery and the university institute, taking responsibility for revealing and warning a social and political reality that has permeated a Chile that has gone through a dictatorship and its historic social inequality,” he underlines.

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