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Documentary “Absence of water”

  • Space Diana, Arturo Prat 435, Santiago.
  • Wednesday 7 December – 7.00pm

As part of the fifth anniversary of Atacama Records, the label has developed this delicate audiovisual production, understanding the commitment of the arts to the themes of contingency and environmental crisis.

Making known the sensitive perspective of various musical artists, in the face of the environmental crisis affecting Chile and the world, is the center of the documentary “Ausencia del Agua”, which through an organic and experimental story, raises a relative analogy with the disaffection of the Chilean society facing the degradation of nature and the abandonment of culture.

The documentary is based on an experimental journey in what used to be the Thorn lagoon. Five groups of musicians reveal their suffering in this dystopian scenario and express their perception regarding the environmental crisis and the desolation of subsisting as an artist within an unsustainable ecosystem.

“We have to understand that the new modernity has other ways of interacting with music. We live in the age of technology where everything dies quickly and there is no time to go deeper. It is very difficult to move an overstimulated audience unable to be influenced either by the brutal drought or by the disappearance of the meaning of life. The arts are barely resisting, so our job as cultural managers is to observe this new universe of technology and environmental crisis and propose a global planning that crosses all the variables,” says Magdalena Barriga, cultural manager and founder of Atacama Records. .

Through the expression of the different artists, the viewer will be able to witness a detached story and get to know various analyzes of what happened in the lagoon, an experience accompanied by music and reflection on the consequences of living on a planet in agony, inhabited by people who have stopped empathizing with their pain.

How can we rethink our role as human beings in the face of a damaged nature? The documentary enhances the language of music as a sensitive tool and connecting cable to awaken awareness and social transformation, a methodology that characterizes Atacama Records, which proposes the constant exchange and collaboration of all artistic expressions to generate instances of reflection. state of the art and the environment, an objective that is fully achieved in the documentary in a conscious and sensitive way.

As for the audiovisual production work carried out, it is important to underline that the documentary was developed by a human team made up of the different bands belonging to Atacama Records, such as: Mareo!, Yinyer, Camila Vaccaro, Ds Mestizo and Armadillo Cactus. In addition, it had the excellent work of the sound engineers, the experience of the Maleza production company in the hands of Cristobal Garrido who took care of the direction and production of the film, and many other professionals who gave their knowledge and their work to give life to “Ausencia of water”.

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