Movie “The imaginary state” on Ondamedia

Movie “The imaginary state” on Ondamedia

The film has won major awards (Best Film LACHFF 2021, Best Director IWFF 2021, Best Screenplay SOFF 2020) since it started touring international festivals. The film stars Francisco Sobrado, a Chilean-Swedish actor who has been part of famous films and TV series in Sweden and was recognized for his work in this feature film with the best actor award at film festivals in the United States.( FILA 2021) and Asia (Noida IFF 2021).

“We are happy to distribute the film on Ondamedia, because this way it will be available for free worldwide and more people will be able to see it wherever they are. Ondamedia has an incredible collection of films, and continues to add great films every year, so it is a honor that ‘El Estado Imaginario’ is part of such an extraordinary selection,” says Chilean director Alan Fischer.

The film sees the participation of an international cast that also includes important national actors and actresses such as Susana Hidalgo, Eduardo Herrera and Shlomit Baytelman.

Written by Alan Fischer and Daniel Castro (“Historia de un Oso”); In the production he has the Chilean living in Sweden Igor Cantillana, who has dedicated himself to the inclusion of Stockholm’s young migrants through cinema, theater and music.

In Sweden lives one of the largest communities of Chileans and Chileans outside Chile.

“It’s a fun, engaging film, where an unsolved mystery, action and suspense is told, and at the same time touches on profound themes that make you think and discuss. The film is multi-layered and can be interpreted in different ways,” says Fischer of the film spoken in Swedish, Spanish, Kurdish, Arabic and Farsi. “But ultimately it’s a suspenseful drama that tells the story of a man trying to connect with himself, with each other and with his past in search of the truth.”

Inspired by true events, the film tells the story of a Chilean man who travels to Sweden trying to find the answer to a terrorist attack.

With English and Spanish subtitles.

The imaginary state Country: Chile – Sweden
Genre: Drama / Suspense Duration: 100 min.
Production company: Ant Fire Productions – Yagán Films – D21 Year: 2020
Languages: Swedish – Spanish – Arabic Subtitles: Spanish – English

Director: Alan Fisher
Cast: Francisco Sobrado, Susana Hidalgo, Isa Aouifia, Siham Shurafa, Sandra Redlaff, Pedram Shahlai, Eduardo Herrera, Shlomit Baytelman, Miran Kamala and Ala Riani.

Written by: Alan Fischer and Daniel Castro
Produced by: Igor Cantillana and Dewen Myrza

Photography: Andrés Garcés (Chile) / Henrik Jensen (Sweden)
Art: Pamela Chamorro (Chile) / Mari Miltvedt (Sweden)
Service Management: Ramiro Zamorano (Chile) / Ernesto Sánchez (Sweden)
Music: Santiago Farah / Miranda and Tobar
Visual Effects: Vulka

IG: afp.films
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FB: Ant Fire Productions
Twitter: AntFirePictures

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