Book “Long live the organizations!”: when the challenge is to humanize work

It is certain to say that work is in constant tension within companies (public and private). Leaders don’t lead, they just manage their hierarchical role; the internal climate of the organizations overwhelms the hope of the workers; lack of ethics in caring for people multiplies medical licenses; stress and burnout grow enormously inside offices. And the worst of all this is that the world of work, organizations in general, still don’t understand their true role within this process of coexistence and daily relationships. One day the Argentine singer-songwriter, poet, writer and philosopher, Facundo Cabral, faced with this complex situation commented: “Look if the job will go wrong, they have to pay you to do it”.

“Long live organizations!”, a book written by Fernando Véliz Montero, a Chilean writer living in Colombia (also author of Comunicar and organizational resilience), is a text that seeks to humanize daily work, from an effective internal relationship self-care practices.

It is already commonplace – but true – to state that work is transformed every day, because the world as a whole is going through highly dynamic processes. So much complexity and uncertainty mean that any organizational culture urgently requires above average flexibility and adaptability in its various spheres of human relations.

By the same token, “Long live organizations!” It is a text that seeks to strengthen internally the working groups of human expansion itself, a fundamental dimension for the consolidation of a working coexistence inspired by a shared ethic. For this reason, taking care of people is the central axis of this work, that is, reflections and actions will emerge on each of its pages, all at the service of increasingly cohesive, agile and responsible organizations in learning to, in this way, raise work cultures of excellence and awareness of one’s own beliefs and axiological dimensions (values). And, at the same time, aligned behind the same purpose: to humanize the world of work at all costs.

“Organizations Alive!” contains 101 topics, all inspired by the strengthening of current organizational cultures, with advice, cases, questions, theories and conclusions, all resources that seek, over time, to redefine the true pillars of a healthy and consolidated organization in its connection dynamics and of daily relationship. . Trust, communication, leadership, conversations, self-knowledge, emotions, learning, changes, ethics, culture, attitude, values… In short, Véliz Montero in his work supports 101 dimensions which, when we see them in perspective and in motion, also – we observe that everyone is trying to achieve the same goal: to give dignity and meaning to people’s working lives.

These almost 200 pages of stories and reflections, all in the service of a better working life, invite us to rethink how we want to live our working life, starting from which practices and values, and on the basis of which premises we will try to articulate the changes at the moment! yes!, placing the human being with all his virtues at the center of every great organizational challenge. Since it is impossible to continue with the already obsolete corporate criteria, often abusive criteria and devoid of a real commitment to human expansion, it gives a minimum of quality of life within companies.

A peculiarity of this book is that thanks to the author’s own training (doctor and master’s degree in communication, ontological coach…) it adds, by far, to the achievement of an accessible, formative, reflective and empathetic story to be touched not less than a global number of topics and, at the same time, challenge them too, with highly ontological issues in their ultimate challenges.

Finally, Pilar Jericó, eminent Spanish writer and author of the bestselling “NoFear”, added her expert perspective to this emerging editorial process, stating: “In this work, the author offers us an extraordinary practical guide for people to feel more realize work and organizations are more human spaces.Thank you so much for such an inspiring book full of wisdom.

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