Enel Distribución gives advice to avoid electrical accidents this Christmas

With Christmas just a few weeks away, many families are already preparing their homes for the celebration, putting up a tree and decorating their homes with lights and accessories. However, the risks this presents cannot be ignored, especially those related to fire and electric shock caused by poor electrical connections. In fact, every December there are cases of children and adults who suffer burns from contact with the current.

In this context, Enel Distribución presented this morning the “Safe Christmas 2022” preventive campaign, with live demonstrations of the principles of fires linked to the improper handling of Christmas decorations. Furthermore, the company has called for prudence and self-care, and has provided a series of practical tips aimed at avoiding electrical accidents during these holidays, such as using certified lights, preferring garlands of thick cables or avoiding decorating trees in outdoor gardens. ‘open.

“Year after year we disseminate good practices and advice so that families who decorate their homes for Christmas have information that allows them to take the necessary precautions and avoid accidents. Although the data has improved compared to last year and there is greater awareness on this issue, we are keeping alive the appeal for self-care to safely experience the end-of-year holidays. Installing without the proper safety equipment and experience, for example, can increase the risk of electric shock and fire, as well as jeopardize the community’s electricity supply.”, explained Victor Taverageneral manager of Enel Distribuzione.

In December 2021, Enel Distribución received 102 calls relating to electrical accidents due to overload inside homes, with consequences of fires or the start of these, which represented a decrease of 39% compared to the same date in 2020, testifying to increased awareness of the risks associated with improper handling of Christmas decorations.

In this sense, the “Christmas Safe” campaign tries to better prepare people and provide the information necessary to reduce electrical accidents, the risk of electrocution and fires inside homes that can be caused by the use of Christmas decorations, sockets, triples, extension cords, light bulbs, garlands, among others, without taking due precautions.

Finally, it is important to underline that the handling of non-certified Christmas decorations – both inside and outside homes -, in addition to causing possible electrocution or fire, also endangers the electricity supply of the community when trying to hang garlands , using support poles and power lines.

Some advices:

  • Acquire lights certified by a body authorized by the Electricity and Fuel Superintendence (SEC). In this way you will light up a Christmas tree with a safe product that does not overheat and does not cause electrical problems that can lead to serious accidents.
  • Buy garlands of thick cables, those of thin cables cut, cracked or melted by the passage of current, and if you use the same as the previous year, make sure that the cables do not have cuts or cracks. Otherwise, discard them.
  • Don’t overload your home’s electrical system with excessive Christmas decorations to avoid overheating the wires, lights, and Easter tree.
  • Avoid decorating trees in outdoor gardens, as these areas are regularly watered and retain moisture, which increases the likelihood of electrocution.
  • Pay attention to the use and installation of extension cords and slippers. Not only is there a risk of overloading, but children and pets can also become entangled and risk an electric shock.
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