Launch of the book “Tambo atacameño”

Launch of the book “Tambo atacameño”

  • Auditorium of the Arrau headquarters, Academy of the University of Christian Humanism, Huérfanos 2186, Santiago.
  • Tuesday 6 December – 7.00pm

The book “Tambo Atacameño: Deep History of a Cultural Phenomenon” is the result of an exhaustive investigation of more than 40 years.

Through texts, photographic documents, statistical data, descriptions and interviews with the characters, Jorge Vallejos Bernal – its author – chronologically recounts the main events that occurred in a period of Nordic music linked to a particular historical moment.

The work reconstructs the path of the Folkloric Ensemble of the Universidad del Norte (1961-1981) from the authoritative voice of those who integrated it, in various functions, for sixteen years. In his musical development, the Tambo Atacameño, founded in 1967 in Antofagasta, was his natural space for meeting and expansion.

It should be noted that it was precisely this space that saw the birth of great representatives of the cultural artistic work of our country, including: most of the members of the Illapu group, as well as Claudio “Pájaro” Araya, Pancho Araya , Bernardo Contreras and Claudio Molina, of the Huara group, Osvaldo Torres also a member and founder of Illapu and a large group of regional and national artists.

Vallejos Bernal was born in Chuquicamata and at the age of 17 he joined the Folklore Ensemble of the Universidad del Norte – COFUN, becoming its general director. He was exonerated by the United Nations in 1980, the same administration that ended up with Tambo Atacameño and COFUN. In the following years he devoted himself to construction. In 2010 he took over the direction of Artistic Encounters at the Nelly Lemus Cultural Space. In addition, he has dabbled in writing, publishing novels and short stories.

Regarding his book, he points out: “El Tambo Atacameño, in Antofagasta, was a total cultural center that the Universidad del Norte had through its Folk Ensemble and which was decommissioned in the dark period that this country experienced. The year 1980 has disappeared and the story of him, who still lives among us, vibrates in the book whose presentation will take place in Santiago.

The chronicle of Chilean music under the dictatorship has so far shown an undeniable centralism, and for this reason this book opens up references of great value also to connoisseurs who read or remember from Santiago and other regions. In his double testimonial and investigative vocation, Jorge Vallejos offers in this book an unparalleled work, also linked to the values ​​of the collective effort around music and group identity.

For Claudia Cattaneo, Director of the Masters in Latin American Popular Art of the Academy of Christian Humanism, and one of the presenters of the book, “this text has an invaluable value and participating in this launch as the first official activity means realizing our goal which is to enhance and make visible the popular cultural and artistic heritage that protects our memory in the pursuit of a conscious social construction”.

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