The former rector of Usach comes out for Elisa Loncon’s work permit: “He has every right to ask for it”

Former rector of the University of Santiago de Chile (Usach) Juan Manuel Zolezzi defended this Tuesday the one-year “paid sabbatical leave” – ​​signed by Zolezzi himself – of the former president of the Constitutional Convention Elise London. The opposition criticized Loncon for the permit.

“There is a supine ignorance of the situation and everyone invents the story that suits them. In all universities of the world, and ours is no different in this, academics, after a certain number of years of academy and certain achievements, have the right to apply for a paid gap year. It’s part of the academic career,” said the former rector in conversation with The second one.

“He asked when he predicted the Convention would end. She went to talk to me and she in turn spoke to the deputy head of the department, to her rector and told us that she had many engagements abroad, conferences and questions about what the Constitutional Convention was and its role in her: as a woman, as a president and as a descendant of indigenous peoples,” she added.

Loncon “told us that there was interest from foreign universities, he also showed some (…) He suggested that he would give lectures on the political situation in Chile associated with the Constituent Convention. This was approved by the vice-rector’s office and he signed,” Zolezzi said.

allow access

As regards the access of academics to the permit, the civil engineer specified that “you must have a certain hierarchy and academic seniority, an important curriculum in terms of publications, the work you have done and on the basis of this the commission who analyzes cases, makes a decision”.

“Every six years, academics can request this permit and in Loncón’s case, she had never requested it. She has every right to request this permit, she is also a very distinguished academic… believe it or not” , he added. .

Letter to the Comptroller and reply from Loncon

RN deputies march raphael Y Hugo Rei They officiated a few days ago at the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) to determine the legal nature of the permit used by Loncon.

“There is no clarity (…) that Ms. Loncón is engaged in a service assignment abroad, since the work she would carry out there is not known and, in her last public speeches abroad, she has done in relation to his role as a former Constituent Convention and former President of the Constitutional Convention, which is not a role proper to the University of Santiago,” they said in the letter.

Loncon replied to the letter of the RN deputies. “The right and its lies. Thus they won the plebiscite, with insults and public confusion. I have the right to take a gap year and participate in international seminars. I am a university professor, even if racism hurts”, she said. on her Twitter account. .

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