The Las Rosas Foundation and Duoc UC successfully organize days of music therapy and storytelling to stimulate the memory of residents

In partnership with Duoc UC, the institution has blended storytelling with memory music, as an alternative therapy that encourages residents’ memory.

This initiative is framed within the Mental Health Program developed by the Foundation and which has shown some successful results, such as that 73% of residents who received music therapy reduced psychological and behavioral symptoms such as agitation and aggression, and 56% are able to fall asleep more easily.

“Activities such as those carried out with Duoc UC are very meaningful and beneficial, both for the intergenerational bond that is created with young people and for the enriching experience that allows residents to make daily life more dynamic, have more social participation and connect ( …) In addition, music therapy benefits older people in their emotional well-being or as symptoms of anxiety or agitation, they connect with their past, with their memories associated with the music of their time and which are meaningful to them”, he said Daniela Ortega, occupational therapist at Fundación Las Rosas.

The Fundación Las Rosas Mental Health Plan has been generated since August 2021 and, to date, is implemented in the 28 existing residences in the country. Already from the first eight weeks of treatment it is possible to find changes in the elderly associated with their usual behavior, reducing the levels of disturbance and/or aggression. Add to that activities like those done in partnership with entities like Duoc UC, the result is more profitable and allows residents to foster social participation and connect with today’s world.

“They bring us music, wonderful stories, I’m happy, it’s an activity that institutes do and it makes us happy,” says Sonia Azar, a resident of Hogar San Carlos at the Fundación Las Rosas in Recoleta. Meanwhile, Paquita Vargas, who also lives in San Carlos, adds “she played an author that I love, she brought me my youth, my children, those smiles, to relive them, to have them so close and so far… I lived again, I’m very happy.”

In total, three days of Music and Storytelling took place in the homes of the Foundation, where successful UC Duoc alumni performed, as part of the activities of their Open Doors Extension project.

“The purpose of Duoc UC says that we train people for a better society, in this construction of a better society, this extension project wants to reach all those people who do not necessarily work or study in the institution with cultural and educational needs (.. .) we must also learn from the elderly, they have experience, they have lived, they have seen many things. We hope for future actions that can also give us stories, tales, knowledge about what they have experienced”, adds Rodrigo Núñez, director of the Duoc UC extension department .

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