“They are squatters”: National Heritage informs the eviction of the former tax domicile settlement in La Reina

The Ministry of National Heritage reported on the eviction of the tavern located in Calle Los Prunos 7211, in the municipality of La Reina, “in compliance with a ruling by the courts of justice which established that the people who lived there are ‘illegal occupants’ and ordered the return of the property on 10 August 2021”.

The Secretariat of State has indicated that, after numerous interviews with the occupants and their families, successive extensions have been granted for the voluntary return of the property. The last one, on July 4th of this year 2022, when they promised to abandon it within 30 days, which didn’t happen.

It is worth mentioning that the Los Prunos house is owned by the Treasury, measuring 833 square meters, with a tax assessment of more than 230 million pesos, in which the couple Miranda Araya has lived since 1973.

In fact, after arriving at this tax house in 1973, Mr. Manuel Miranda rented it until 1980. In 1983, the state granted him the possibility of acquiring the property, which did not materialize because the interested parties never presented the necessary documents or information.

In this way, according to the Ministry of National Heritage, they continued to live for free until 1991, when a new lease was signed with Mrs. María Teresita Araya as the owner. However, this lease was only paid until 1992. As a result of this violation, a payment agreement was signed in 2001, the installments of which were paid only until 2004.

“Since 2005 the situation has been adjudicated and the courts have rejected the occupiers’ claims. Despite the appeals presented by the couple before the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation, the sentence in favor of the Treasury ordering the return of the property. Although various opportunities and new deadlines have been granted for voluntary return, this has never been satisfied, leaving no other option than the eviction that took place today”, specified by Beni Nazionali.

Although the Miranda Araya spouses correspond to elderly people, they would be far from being in a vulnerable condition, they have economic resources and a support network, both family and social, as verified by the competent organizations in the matter.

Manuel Miranda was an official and then Seremi of the National Heritage of the Metropolitan Region from 1992 to 1994. prolongation of a privileged situation that the rest of the citizens do not have”, condemned by the National Heritage.

The recovery of the Los Prunos house will allow the Ministry of National Heritage to make available a property of more than 800 square meters to meet social needs in the municipality of La Reina, thus fulfilling the mandate to make a good administration of the tax real estate assets.

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