Exhibition «Anxiety and modesty» in Espacio 218

Example “Anxiety and modesty”

  • Space 218, Company 960, Department 218, Metro Plaza de Armas.
  • From Saturday 10 December to Saturday 7 January.
  • Thursday and Friday from 16.00 to 19.00 Saturday: 15.00 – 19.00
  • Free.

Artists Ignacio Henríquez (34), Mique Marchant (37) and Raúl Miranda (56), raise questions about the construction of masculinity, affection and the circulation of homosexual desire in these times of overexposure and hyperconnectivity deriving from social networks. The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 10 December to Saturday 7 January 2023.

The proposal is articulated through two strategies. On the first floor of Espacio218, viewers will find hyper-realistic graphite drawings on paper by Henríquez; sculptures and a sound work by Marchant; and industrial press photos plus a video of Miranda. While in the attic there will be a site-specific created collectively, entitled “C/L (with place)”. These two ways of working are engaged in a convergence of individual works, but are also engaged in a joint creative process. “In this exhibition the written or verbalized word, traced in drawings, photographs, volumes, videos, sounds or silences, oscillates between the memories of an erotic memory and a present emptied of meaning”, the artists specify.

Speaking of De ansia y pudor: variations on a certain construction of desire, the curators of the space, Mariairis Flores and Seba Calfuqueo, underline: “The Plaza de Armas is a historical place of LGBTQI+ resistance, almost 50 years ago one of the first protests for recognition and today continues to be a place of permanent memory activation, as well as a place for sexual encounters. This is why it is important that, given our invitation to ‘Decentre’, they connect to the square and give an account of a male and dissident community capable of uniting and connecting experiences”.

This exhibition corresponds to the last one of the “Decentrar” curatorial year. In January in Espacio218 there will be a performance cycle. Furthermore, they will soon launch “Occupy the flow”, a call for residences for the year 2023.

About the artists

Ignacio Henriquez (1987)
Self-taught visual artist specializing in hyper-realistic graphite drawing. Dreamy and intimate, his work focuses on exploring different dimensions of the coexistence of trauma and the body. In his hyper-realistic self-portraits, he dissects memory through meticulous traces, being a process of giving new meaning to the damage caused by abuse. These works contravene a male imaginary that reinforces characteristics such as integrity, vigor, impenetrability, presenting on the contrary a masculinity that allows itself to connect with its emotionality, vulnerability and capacity for self-reflection.


Mique Marchant (1985)
Poet and visual artist. Dedicated mainly to writing, he has produced various texts in collaboration with the Antenna Foundation on the work of artists such as Paz Errázuriz, Voluspa Jarpa, Andrés Durán, Cristián Salineros and others. Investigating the theme of desire, otherness, identities and death, he has written two unpublished books: Plastic; a collection of poems and stories that appear as feverish dreams that verify a reality at the limit of what we perceive, and La Veladura; a collection of poems hovering between the fortuitousness of an existence forged in human understanding.

Raúl Miranda (1966)
He is a visual artist, writer, academic, researcher, art curator and founder of the transdisciplinary group Minimale (from 1999 to 2022). His work, which began in the mid-eighties, is characterized by the typical movement of the fusion of contemporary visual arts with scenic, cinematographic and literary languages, ranging from LiveCinema to Video Installation and writing. He has participated several times at the BAM in Santiago, has exhibited at the MNBA and at the MAMChiloé, has published his texts in Chile and abroad, as well as participating in various international creative residencies.

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