Gato interrupts Vinicius’ press conference in Qatar 2022

Could it have been a sign of good luck? At least it wasn’t a black cat. After the incident with the cat, Vinicius Junior highlighted the “union” that Canarinha’s players and coaching staff have, which was demonstrated in every four-goal celebration against South Korea with starters, substitutes and even Tite , the coach, dancing and stating that this can “get them very high”.

“I’m happy to be here representing all Brazilians, to play with my idol -Neymar-, with the friends I have here, and that this union we have can help us reach a very high level,” Vinicius said in a Press conference. .

“Neymar told me that the World Cup is different from any other competition. Now I’m living it, I know how important the cup is for our country. He told me and I was aware of it, but it wasn’t until I heard the anthem that I saw how wonderful it is to play a World Cup with your country. All the more reason for Brazil, the country that holds the most titles ”, he underlined.

“It is important to go his way -of Neymar-, a player who is close to Pelé in goals, who, God willing, will bring us a sixth title,” he added.

Brazil celebrated every goal against South Korea with dancing, an attitude Vinicius has defended.

“The celebration was an example of the joy of being in the quarterfinals of a World Cup. We all did well. Tite managed to get all the players in, even Weverton, who had yet to debut. The outburst is normal, every time you win it happens. And our responsibility will increase more and more,” he said shortly before the anecdote of the press appearance occurred, when a cat climbed onto the table where the microphones were.

“I am very happy and honored that an entire country supports me. I left for Real Madrid when I was 18, being away from where I live is difficult, but Brazil have always been with me, rooting for me, so I’m happy to be able to represent each of them here. I am a dreamy child, as they all are and were. I always try to be happy, that’s very important,” she said.

And he didn’t want to forget the importance that the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, had for his growth as a footballer.

“He has always given me the security I needed. For me he is like a father, he always gives me the love I need, responsibility too, and he does everything, not only with me, with all the players he has worked with,” she commented.

Every time I meet Ronaldo (Nazario), he says Ancelotti was his best coach. Not only technique and tactics, but also knowing how to live with the player, knowing how to relate to great players. I also want to send him a big hug, I’m happy for his love for him, he’s always texting me.”

Furthermore, ‘Vini’ defended himself against the criticisms he received after going to dinner at a famous Doha restaurant during the day off that Tite gave to the headlines on Tuesday in the victory against South Korea.

“I think in my spare time I can do whatever I want. When I’m away I try to distract myself as much as possible, be with my friends, my family, do what I think is best for me. I don’t think they have to say what we have to do or not, but rather demand what we do in the field,” she stressed.

Vinicius also expressed his confidence that Raphinha, who starts the Brazilian side’s other armband, is not suffering from the fact that he has not yet scored at the World Cup.

“His frustration is normal, a player always wants to score. Let’s hope that, in an important moment, Raphinha’s goal can come off. Hopefully it will be in the next match. He is very calm. Besides goals, when we play for the national team we try to keep improving and always help the team, even if it’s in the defensive phase, and Raphinha is doing very well,” he said.

The Real Madrid winger was keen to praise his team-mate Luka Modric, who he faces against Croatia on Friday.

“Modric always teaches me. Not only on the pitch, but also in training. He showed me that three fingers swipe. Every day I’m improving to have a wider range of options in plays,” he commented.

Obviously Vinicius didn’t want to reduce Croatia’s danger to Modric.

“Overall, Croatia have their base from the last World Cup, which reached the final, so we have to be prepared not only with Modric, but with the whole team. They play for big clubs and will do everything they can to try and beat us,” he underlined.

A Vinicius who did not want to comment on whether he intends to terminate the contract with Nike.

“I can’t talk. We have a contract, we’re partners, I can’t talk about our relationship,” he replied when asked about it.

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