Pedro Castillo was transferred to the same prison where Fujimori is, while the prosecution is looking for evidence against him: he tried to go to the Mexican embassy, ​​but his escort arrested him

The dismissal of the now former president of Peru, Peter Castilloto close the congress before the plenary session ruled on its motion for a vacancy, caused instability in the neighboring country which ended with the arrest of Castillo by the Peruvian National Police (PNP) after the same congress approved his dismissal.

Just as Castillo was preparing to move to the Mexican Embassy from the Government Palace, his own entourage grabbed him and brought him to the Prefecture of Lima. In this place moved the Attorney of the Nation, Patricia Benavidesto indicate the reasons for his arrest.

Same penalty as Fujimori

Pedro Castillo was taken this Wednesday to Barbadillo prison, in the Lima district of Ate, where the former president is also being held Albert Fujimoriwho is serving his 25-year prison sentence, while being prosecuted for rebellion and conspiracy.

After being detained for several hours in Lima Prefecture, Castillo was taken amid heavy surveillance at a police station in the Rímac district to board a helicopter that took him to Barbadillo prison, like the prison of the police located in the Directorate of Police Special Operations (Diroes).

As EFE was able to verify, Castillo left the Prefecture of Lima in handcuffs.

While he was being led to this establishment, a team of the Public Prosecution, led by the Attorney General, Patricia Benavides, and the National Police entered the Government House, as part of the preliminary proceedings against Castillo for the alleged crimes of rebellion and conspiracy.

Similarly, the Public Prosecutor’s Office went to the offices of some ministries to collect the documentation that contributes to the investigation opened against the former head of state.

The Public Prosecutor announced the start of these preliminary investigations while Castillo remained detained in the Prefecture for alleged “violation of the constitutional order”, after dictating this morning the temporary closure of Parliament and the establishment of a national emergency government.

That order was widely interpreted as a coup attempt, including by members of his cabinet.

The provision did not obtain the endorsement of the majority of the now former members of his government, nor of the Armed Forces, the State Police, the Constitutional Court and the Judiciary.

Hours later, Congress debated a third impeachment request against him, which was finally approved by 101 of the 130 lawmakers that make up the Peruvian chamber.

After being fired by the Legislature, Castillo was arrested in an operation supervised by prosecutor Benavides, who had already condemned the decision of the now former head of state hours earlier, which he defined as “a violation of the constitutional order”.

Guarded arrest

The National Police of Peru (PNP) has detailed how the deposed president of Peru was arrested at the time of transfer from the Government Palace to the Mexican embassy, ​​a country which allowed him diplomatic exile.

The PNP pointed out that at the time the delegation went to the embassy, ​​in parallel, the PNP General Command was planning the arrest of Castillo in parallel. This was after Castillo himself was in communication with the PNP general, Raul Alfarobut the latter was on medical leave.

Alfaro called the High Command of the PNP to decide the body’s position against what Castillo had decided – internally Alfaro told the former president that he did not agree with the provision. In the meeting, the Chief of Staff of the PNP, Vincent Alvarezand the inspector general of the PNO, According to Mejiathey joined the commanding general’s decision and did not support Castillo, other than that it was concluded that he was committing a flagrante delicto for the crime of rebellion when he ordered Congress shut down.

At the moment when the High Command of the PNP decided to arrest Castillo, it was concluded that his escort carried out the operation. At that time, in coordination between the High Command and the general of the PNP, Ivan Lizzettihead of the State Security Directorate, who asked his staff for the whereabouts of the now ex-president.

At the moment when the presidential car was driving along the avenue Inca Garcilazo de la Vega, when the driver received the order to proceed with the arrest. At that moment, in front of the International Clinic, the escort of him together with the Tactical Actions Sub-Unit made the arrest and transferred him to the Lima Prefecture.

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