Legends of Selk’nam culture star in a new scenic creation

With a decentralized premiere, in Arauco, the first diffusion of the new show by Jordi Regot Marionetas, “El Fuego que habla” will begin. The show crosses shadow and puppet theater with original music and images to investigate the cosmology, legends, traditions and history of the Selk’nam people.

Thanks to the Fund for Performing Arts, of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, we worked throughout 2022 on the creative process, which included a period of in-depth research on Selk’nam culture and, moreover, experimentation with various analogue instruments and digital artistic techniques for the creation of the scenic universe of this work aimed at a family audience.

Credit: Paulina Barrenechea.

The dramaturgy and direction are by Jordi Regot Mariman, who works together with Gisel Sparza Sepúlveda, both performers and manipulators on stage, together with the actress Natalie Loyola.

The premiere of this work will be this December 9, at the Municipal Cultural Center of Arauco, at 19:30, with free admission. The function will initiate a circulation through different cultural spaces of Tomé, Curanilahue, Coronel, Talcahuano and Chiguayante during the month of December and January 2023.

With an archive of four previous works, Jordi Regot Marionetas, undertakes this fifth production with an interdisciplinary team, where the crossing of artistic practices, the bold work with objects on stage and a look from the social sciences, were key elements. The sound universes were created by local musician Javiera Hinrichs, and the sound post-production was handled by stage creator and musician Oscar Oviedo. The visual and audiovisual dimensions are by Daniela Rodríguez and Ángela Jarpa, languages ​​that dialogue with the lighting project recommended by Mauricio Campos.

Credit: Paulina Barrenechea.

“The fire that speaks. Memoria de los pueblos olvidadas”, deepens and consolidates the stage work of the company which, for 12 years, has been making puppet and marionette theater for a family and adult audience. This show gives continuity to his meticulous work of designing and creating objects with memory, where the textures and the use of materials, in all his works, have allowed the public to have a unique experience and get to know the world hides behind the puppets and puppets

Jordi Regot, highlights in this exhibition the desire to activate the memory around the historical reality of a city that feels known only through a visual and aesthetic imagery.

“The interesting thing about this work is that it reveals part of the memory of a community whose important history is unknown. Cities that have a cosmology, a universe and a life outside this world of consumption and industry. The work approaches, it is true, from an aesthetic view, but it also addresses historical questions and raises a question of what we are doing with the culture that the original peoples have bequeathed to us. Not only in Chile, because I think it extends to all the governments, communities and cultures of this planet that unites us all “, she comments inviting to approach this exhibition, which was also accompanied by the anthropologist Jorge Lagos.

The preview tour starts this December 9, at the Arauco Cultural Center, at 7:30 pm, and continues for free on December 19, at the Casa de la Cultura de Tomé, December 22, at the Casa de la Culture of Curanilahue and, subsequently, on December 26, in the Coronel House of Culture. During the month of January, there will also be performances in Talcahuano on January 9 and at the Casa de la Cultura in Chiguayante on January 12, 2023.

art sheet

Dramaturgy, direction in manipulation, performer, manipulator and creator of stage videos- Jordi Regot Marimon
Direction of interpreters, interpreter, manipulator, scenic technique – Gisel Sparza Sepúlveda
Performer, manipulator- Natalie Loyola
Creation of the sound world- Javiera Hinrichs Deppe
Sound post production – Oscar Oviedo Martínez
Anthropological Consulting- Jorge Lagos
Graphic and visual design- Daniela Rodríguez
Communications- Paulina Barrenechea Vergara
Community Manager: Nerea Polymeris Raglianti
Audiovisual recording: Ángela Jarpa
Lighting tip: Mauricio Campos

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