Lula announces the first five ministers of his government

The president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, announced this Friday the names of the ministers of finance, defence, foreign affairs, justice and the presidency, the first confirmed by the progressive leader for his future government, when will take office on January 1, 2023.

Fernando Haddad will head the Treasury portfolio, the main one in the economic area; José Múcio Monteiro will lead the Ministry of Defence; Mauro Vieira will be the chancellor; Flávio Dino will be in front of the Justice portfolio and Rui Costa in the Presidency.

During the presentation of the first members of what will be his cabinet, Lula warned them that they will have to work harder than ever because the task “will always be more difficult than what has been entrusted to them so far”.


For the Treasury portfolio, Lula chose 59-year-old Fernando Haddad, one of his closest friends and who, with his permission, assumed the candidacy for the presidency of Brazil for the Workers’ Party in 2018, in which he emerged victorious from the far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro.

A strategic name for the Lula government arrives at the Defense Ministry: José Múcio, a 76-year-old engineer, former director of the Court of Auditors, the body that oversees public accounts, is known for his political skills and has good relations with officials Government Armed Forces.

At the Farnesina there will be Mauro Vieira, 71, former head of Foreign Relations of Brazil in the last two years of Dilma Rousseff (2015-2016) and currently ambassador in Croatia.

For Justice, the progressive leader called Flávio Dino, 54, a politician admired by Lula who was a former governor of Maranhao and current senator of that state.

Rui Costa, 59, current governor of Bahia, one of the founders of the PT and another of the president-elect’s most trusted men, will be in the portfolio of the presidency.


Anticipating questions from the press about the lack of diversity in the first group of ministers, the president-elect reiterated that “the whole of Brazilian society” will be represented, something he warned about before making the announcements.

The five ministers announced today are men over 50, four of whom are white and Flávio Dino, the only one who identifies as “brown”.

Lula insisted that the appointments were made – and will be made – based on the qualifications of the people who are responsible for each portfolio and underlined that those of this first group are “extraordinary”.

“We will have blacks, Indians (…) we will try to establish a government that is the face of Brazilian society in all its dimensions,” Lula said.


Lula confirmed that he will define internally with his working group this Sunday what the total number of ministries his government will have and said he will make new announcements next week.

He also indicated that by the end of the year he will present a result of what he found in the government of the far right Jair Bolsonaro because he wants to clarify what problems the country receives with, so that later they are not blamed for his management.

“It was a government that did not prepare the administration of this country, which preferred to talk and talk and talk and failed to solve the problems that needed to be solved”.

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