Amnesty International includes the case of a Chilean eye trauma victim in a human rights campaign.

The NGO Amnesty International has included the case of Chilean Renzo Inostroza, who suffered an eye trauma in the context of the 2019 social epidemic, in its traditional ‘Write for Rights’ campaign, commemorating Human Rights Day, 10 December .

“Renzo’s case shows the institutional violence unleashed on the population during the social epidemic in Chile. His testimony moves us and at Amnesty International we invite the public to get to know him and offer him their support,” the executive director of Renzo said in a statement. Amnesty International Chile, Rodrigo Bustos.

Renzo was 24 years old on October 21, 2019 when, according to the organization, a policeman without provocation started kicking his friend in the back in the municipality of La Cisterna.

“Renzo began to record what was happening, but in a few moments it was he who became the victim. After several shots by the police, 19 bullets hit him in the face and body. The young man almost completely lost the sight in one eye and was left with multiple injuries,” the statement added.

The campaign also includes cases such as Yren and Mariana, trans activists from Paraguay, who were physically harassed and assaulted in a country where trans people cannot legally change their names or obtain identification documents that match their identity as a gender, among other discriminatory practices.

“As part of Human Rights Day, we call on people to take action for other people who are being violated, because words have power,” Bustos said.

The cases selected to support this year are marked by the right to protest, “because with few exceptions, the wave of social mobilizations that has arisen in recent times has met with obstructive, repressive and often violent responses from state authorities”, indicates the NGO.

“People who come out to protest calling for the environmental crisis, growing inequality, systemic racism and gender-based violence, among other causes, are at continued risk,” she adds.

The 2019 social epidemic was the largest wave of protests in Chile since the end of the military dictatorship, with some thirty dead, thousands injured – more than 400 of them due to eye injuries – and allegations against the security forces for human rights violations.

According to Amnesty International, since the beginning of the campaign, which collects signatures and expressions of solidarity sent respectively to the authorities and to the victims, more than 100 people have been freed from torture, harassment or unjust imprisonment.

The origin of “Write for Rights” dates back to the year 2001, when a group of friends from Warsaw (Poland) decided to commemorate Human Rights Day with a marathon. In 24 hours they wrote more than 2,000 letters in favor of people whose fundamental rights were seriously violated.

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