Conmebol President for the 2030 World Cup: “The candidacy is very solid”

Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol, assured that the candidacy of Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile to host the 2030 World Cup “is very solid” and urged FIFA and “the football family” that it is their “responsibility” that the centenary of the tournament, “which was born in Uruguay”, will be held in South America.

“The candidacy is very solid. 2030 is a matter where FIFA has to decide what it will do. It is the responsibility of FIFA and the football family how and what we will do to remember those who made that first World Cup, which was born in Uruguay. There will always be an opportunity for other countries from 2030 when they celebrate 100 years, because 100 years only comes once and that moment has to be in South America,” she stressed.

Alejandro Domínguez presided over the act in which Conmebol proposed this Sunday to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), to change three of the five stars that appear on the chest of their shirt for their World Championships with three hearts, in homage to a Pelé born 82 years ago in Tres Corazones (Minas Gerais).

Tribute made at the Conmebol house in Doha (Qatar), called ‘The Tree of Dreams’, which was held days after honoring the memory of the Argentine Diego Armando Maradona.

“It’s for justice. Recognize two people who have done a lot for football. With them there was a before and an after. To do justice is to remind them so that they may always live. We have an obligation that the new generations have the opportunity to find out what they have done to make football what it is today and that they have served as an inspiration for so many players ”, she stressed.

Act held during a World Cup in Qatar 2022 in which he reflected on whether South America has representation in the semifinals, with Argentina.

“We have one in four. Proportionally the representation of South America is very large, with Argentina playing the semi-finals, it shows that South American football is here to compete and that it wants to propose to take home the Cup. We will fight to the end,” she said.

Furthermore, the president of Conmebol has left the door open for the United States to host the Copa América in 2024, while denying having received a proposal from Bolivia to host it.

“To this day, it is speculation. If it happens, we’re in constant conversation and we still haven’t signed anything today,” she said on the possibility of it being played in the US.

“I don’t know anything because there is no proposal from Bolivia to host. The day they are proposed, the proposal would be studied,” she commented.

In addition, Alejandro Domínguez spoke about the controversy over the commercialization of the television rights of the Peruvian league.

Conmebol will always support the institutions and will support the Federation as long as it has what it has to do and fight so that the rights are an asset that the teams receive and not that it is only the advantage of a company or an entrepreneur, ” he said.

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