Manuela Martelli’s film “1976” wins at the Iquique International Film Festival

The audience present on the sand of Cavancha beach attended a vibrant closing day of the fourteenth version of the Iquique International Film Festival (FICIQQ), which marked its return to face-to-face.

The audiovisual event brought together at least two thousand spectators over five days of cinema, music and conversations in which about twenty films were screened at the Regional Museum, the Jorge Iturra hall of the Regional Government and on Cavancha beach.

The festival is free and financed by the Regional Government of Tarapacá, the Illustrious Municipality of Iquique and the Seremía de las Culturas, las Artes y Patrimonio de Tarapacá.

The director of the Rodolfo Andaur Festival acknowledged that he feels enthusiastic about these festival days.

“FICIQQ is not only during the week, but throughout the year with exhibitions in the city’s neighborhoods. We are happy for the excellent management of Elliot Morfi and Katherina Harder Sacre, who are fundamental in the realization of this project. I thank the jury, the public and the FICIQQ team,” she said.

The closing day opened with the music of the Mallkus Internacional band, and then moved on to the awarding of the various categories of the festival. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award debuted at the festival. For being an actor “who has marked Chilean cinema with an important career”, Daniel Muñoz was awarded, in one of the most applauded moments of the day.

“It is a surprise to receive the award filled with love and affection. In simplicity is the greatness of human beings. Congratulations on this popular holiday around art,” she said.


The Best Short Film of the Norte Grande went to “Tomorrow/The Day After” by director Alejandra Andino for “weaving a hybrid between documentary and fiction that tells an emotional and well-crafted tale, with a magnetic protagonist and a direction that was able to capture the honesty of his gaze and actions.

The category had a special mention for “For reason or strength” by Giarella Araya. The jury for the short film Norte Grande was made up of Gisela Villalobos, actress and cultural manager from Iquica; Antonio Luco, director and teacher, and Loreto González, cultural manager of Iquica.

For its part, the best international short went to “Acqua flowing non porta poison” by the Italian Letizia Zatti for “presenting a new and warm way of living a love duel; with a visuality faithful to an intimate space, which with few elements, very few words and a touch of irony transmits a complex combination of emotions that flow through femininity and water”.

The special mention went to “All Inclusive” by the Colombian Duván Duque Vargas and to “Storm” by the Chilean Francisco Parra. The judging panel for the category was Jose Gil, coordinator of Chileshorts and director of Large Shorts; Alba Gaviraghi, producer and director, and Génesis Ibarra, actress from Iquica.

The film “1976” by Manuela Martelli for “a detailed and sensitive look that gives us back the intimate story of a socio-political era that marked us as a country” was chosen as the winner of the Best National Feature Film category. The special mention went to “Edita” by Pamela Pollak. Silvia Novak, actress; Lorena Giachino, director and Tomas Alzamora, director.

In the International Feature Films category, Cinema of the Extremes, the jury awarded the prize to “Balika” from Spain, directed by directors Lander Ibarretxe and Aitor Sánchez Smith, “because Balika is a window wide open with some hope. We all know boys and girls abandoned by their families trapped in poverty. A vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out”. “The Brittle Bones of Death” by Bolivian director Claudio Araya Silva received a special mention in the category. The jury consisted of Alexandra Galvis, producer and distributor, Daniel Muñoz, actor, and Juan Carlos Maldonado, actor.

Chileactores resolved as Best Actor / Best Actress for Willy Semler in the national feature “The Death Foretold of Willy Semler” by director Benjamín Rojo and Paulina Moreno for the national feature “Old, Old” by Ignacio Pavez.

All awarded films obtained a work by the artist Marcelo Espinoza. After the award ceremony, at the end of the event, the popular Chilean film “Fever” by Elisa Eliash was screened.

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