Pulsar Fair celebrated the return to the historic format with over 20,000 visitors

An atmosphere of emotion and gathering invaded the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center this weekend, where after four years an edition of the Pulsar Fair was held again in all its grandeur, without restrictions and with the characteristics that made this event the most important of the Chilean music industry fair, as well as an unrivaled event in the local billboard.

More than 80 stands, more than 70 live artists, dozens of talks and a series of activations by exhibitors, gave life to the 2022 edition of the meeting organized by the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Interpreters (SCD), which was able return to its historical format after a version suspended in the context of the social epidemic (2019) and two editions reformulated due to the pandemic (2020 and 2021).

Cami, False Aces, Princess Alba, Harry Nach, Gepe, Soulfia, Pedropiedra, Saiko, Inti-Illimani, My Chocolo Dog, Sailors, Children of the Hill, Loyaltty, Sonora Palacios, Frank’s White Canvas, Mariel Mariel, Shamanes, Simón La Letra, Fernando Milagros and Cabezas Rojas (project by Aldo “Macha” Asenjo), were some of the artists who performed on the three stages set up in the former train terminal, winning over an audience of over five thousand people a day.

“We are very happy to see the tremendous reception this fair has had, not only among the public, who enthusiastically attended each of the shows, but also among music industry agents, who after the heavy blow caused by the pandemic for our industry, we have finally managed to come together in the same space to share, exchange ideas and think about what is coming. We want to reinvigorate our industry, continue to build an auspicious future, and the energy we feel here from the people, the desire to hear and see more Chilean music, will undoubtedly be the best impetus,” said the president of SCD , Rodrigo Osorio, making a positive balance after the four days of Pulsar.

The Pulsar 2022 Fair began on Thursday 8 at Estación Mapocho and lasted until sunset on Sunday 11, lasting four days for the first time. Princesa Alba, BBS Paranoicos and Ases Falsos scored some of the high points of the event on the closing day, with presentations managing to fill the Hall of Arts, with a capacity of nearly a thousand people.

In the previous days, artists such as Cami, Gepe and Pedropiedra also received great attention, while among the activities the launches of books such as “Canción para mañana”, together with its author Mauricio Durán (Los Bunkers), and “Al estilo Panic”, which it included an unprecedented reunion of the members of this emblematic local band, after seven years of separation.

Sound and production workshops for musicians, as well as talks on various topics of relevance to the sector, were other activities that brought together the participants of the Pulsar Fair, which is already starting to project its 2023 edition, once again with all the sector, the artists and the public gathered in one big event.

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