The National Music Prize of the President of the Republic awards Mauricio Redolés, Edith Fischer and Chabelita Fuentes

Assigned by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, upon resolution of the Council for the Promotion of National Music, the National Music Award of the President of the Republic celebrates a new milestone, highlighting the artistic trajectories of those who have been a point of reference in the music scene national.

On this occasion the recognition went to the musician Mauricio Redolés Bustos, the pianist Edith Fischer Waiss and Matilde Isabel Fuentes Pino; for his excellence, creativity, outstanding work and transcendent contribution to the repertoire of national music in the Popular Music, Learned Music and Folk Root genres respectively.

The Minister(s) of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, Andrea Gutiérrez Vásquez, communicated the selected results by telephone.

“This version of the President of the Republic Music Award brings recognition to artists with indisputable trajectories: in popular music the great Mauricio Redolés, musician, composer, poet who made music a true form of expression of our culture. ; in cultured music, Edith Fischer, pianist with an enormous career whose career began with Maestro Claudio Arrau; and Chabelita Fuentes, singer and living heritage of our culture. I was lucky enough to talk to all three and feel the deep emotion they feel in receiving this recognition. The journey of music is often full of complexities, which is why this award and the recognition it signifies is of such great value to those who have dedicated their lives and sensibilities to it.”


This award is intended to recognize the work of authors, authors, composers, composers, performers; as well as compilers, compilers, directors, directors, producers and producers. Since 2004, the Music Edition and Phonographic Production categories have also been integrated, recognizing the work and career of Freddy Chávez and Germán Torres Merino respectively.

The winners and the winner of the three recognized musical genres will receive a diploma signed by the President of the Republic and the delivery of 270 UTM. The winners of the Music Edition and Phonographic Production categories receive a diploma.

As required by the National Music Promotion Law, the prize is approved by the National Music Promotion Council in the month of November.

Since its first award in 1999, more than 80 artists, groups and institutions in the country have received the President of the Republic National Music Award. Among the winners are prominent representatives of Chilean music such as Jorge González, Patricio Manns, Cecilia la incomparable, Los Jaivas, Illapu, Cecilia Villarroel, Silvia Infantas, Luis Advis, Los Tres, the Chilean Symphony Orchestra, Palmenia Pizarro, among other.

Attached images: personal files of Edith Fischer and Chabelita Fuentes.

Photo Mauricio Redoles, credit: Luis Barriga


Mauricio Redolés: national artist, political prisoner for two years after the coup d’état (1973-1975); exiled to Britain for a decade (1975-1985); musician, poet and writer, Mauricio Redolés, is a relevant figure of national culture and arts. His albums “Bello Barrio” (1987) and “Who killed Gaete?” (1996) were highlighted in the powerful book “200 discos del rock chileno”. “Who killed Gaete?” was selected among the 50 best Chilean albums by Rolling Stone magazine.

His CD-DVD “Cachai Reolé?” won the 2009 Altazor award in the Best Rock Album category. In 2014 “One, Two, Tres, Cuatro” was released, a work awarded with three Altazor awards. Two documentaries about him (“Redo”, by Cristián Parker and Gabriela Flores and “Las hebras de un poet”, by Len López), have been selected by the IN-EDIT Festival. To these works is added the documentary by Faiz Mashini: “Redolés, the urgent need for memory” and a fourth biographical documentary entitled “Redolés + 50 years of cabaret” directed by Guillermo Álvarez, the man behind the lens of the famous video clip of Mauricio’s theme, “Eh Rica”. He has also published various books and poems.

Edith Fischer Waiss: She is considered one of the most important pianists in the history of Chilean music. She was a child prodigy in Chile, direct heir to the musical legacy of Claudio Arrau León in New York and a soloist recognized throughout the world. She has played with the best conductors and orchestras in the world and has also been invited to the most prestigious theaters in the world, making her an undisputed point of reference for academic music.

Matilde Isabel Fuentes Pino – Chabelita Fuentes: 70 years of musical career. Founder of the musical duo Las Morenitas. Living heritage and fundamental exponent of Chilean melody and folklore. In September 2022, the Senate of the Republic of Chile declares March 14 “National Day of the Chilean Singer” in honor of her. At 91, Chabelita Fuentes continues to pass on his musical legacy to the new generations of Chilean singers, creating a seedbed of interpreters of Chilean melody and folklore.

Freddy Chávez Cancino: Professor of Music at the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, later, at the University of Chile, he obtained a postgraduate diploma in Musical Composition. He holds a Masters in Educational Management from Alberto Hurtado University and a Masters in Educational Sciences from Saint Joseph University. Currently, he Doctor © in Music at the Catholic University of Argentina. On two occasions he was musical and pedagogical consultant in the preparation of the Standards for the training of music teachers in Chile (2013-2017) -Mineduc-CPIEP-.

Germán Torres: Bachelor of Arts with mention in Music Theory, Universidad de Chile. Composer and pianist of the same house of studies. Professor Magna Cum Laude of the Alberto Hurtado University. Winner of the Capital Seed Award 2009 and the Pedagogical Excellence Award 2010. He currently manages the record label IGED Records, a leading company in rock entertainment for youth and teenagers, and is a founding partner of the ChileClásico label. He is the creator of Rock Weeks and IGED Conferences. President since February 2020 of IMICHILE, association of independent labels in Chile.

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