The government of Peru sends Congress a draft to bring forward the elections

The government of Peru formalized this Monday before Congress a bill proposing the progress of the general elections in the country for April 2024, which was delivered with the signatures of the president Dina Bolarte and its prime minister Peter Anguloin the midst of the serious political and social crisis that is crossing the Andean country.

“The current context of political and social crisis is no less different than the situations that motivated in the past the formulation of a proposal that implies the advancement of the political elections for the reduction of the mandate”, argues the project in its foundations.

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The law, already announced by Boluarte after midnight this Monday, proposes a “constitutional reform, which modifies the mandate of the President of the Republic, the members of the Congress and the representatives before the Andean Parliament, and establishes the anticipation of the general elections for the year 2024”.

His formal handover was confirmed this Monday by the defense minister, Alberto Otaroladuring a presentation before the plenary session of the Congress in which he participated together with the Minister of the Interior and the Prime Minister to provide details of the violent demonstrations that have been taking place in the interior of the country since Sunday.

The draft incorporates a transitional provision indicating that, given its exceptional nature, as the current mandate is due to end in July 2026, “the periods established in articles 90 and 112 of the law shall not apply” to the current elected authorities. which establish a term of office of five years.

It should be noted that the proposal for the elections to be held in April 2024 is “linked to the closure of the electoral lists”, which must be carried out a year in advance, the same deadline in which the laws establish for carrying out legislative reforms.

He indicates that this term “should also serve to approve, where appropriate, the constitutional reforms referring to the Peruvian political regime” and notes that “it is urgent to make democratic and constitutional changes in Congress, basically obeying the sentiment of the citizenry”.

Initiative in the hands of Congress

The draft also recalls that an initiative of this type must be approved “by an absolute majority of the legal number” of parliamentarians and ratified by referendum, although this can be omitted if it obtains the favorable vote in two successive ordinary legislatures.

He adds that, in this case, the electoral bodies must adapt the electoral calendar “to the legislation in force” which, according to what he indicated, indicates that calls for general elections “cannot be equal to or greater than the 270 days established by the regulatory framework ” Peruvian.

In announcing this proposal in the early hours of this Monday, Boluarte said that he had taken the decision not to end his mandate in July 2026 by interpreting “in the broadest way the will of the citizenry and, consequently, with the responsibility that the exercise” of the Government.

He also clarified that the approval of this law implies constitutional reforms “which should be approved for the fastest procedure”, with the aim of keeping “all practices of corruption and with political parties legitimized by citizen participation to the sidelines”.

The President took office last Wednesday, as a replacement Peter Castillodismissed by Congress after having ordered the dissolution of Parliament, he announced the formation of an emergency executive, which would have to govern by decree, convene a constituent assembly and reorganize the judicial system.

This political crisis has led to the outbreak of social protests in the interior of the country, particularly in the southern area, where three deaths have been reported so far, while groups of demonstrators are demanding Boluarte’s resignation, the closure of Congress and the call for new elections.

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