Composer Sebastián Errázuriz receives the National Performing Arts Award: “It’s an award for Chilean opera”

The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, announced this Tuesday the winners of the 2022 National Awards for the Performing Arts of the President of the Republic, recognition that in its first version will be presented to Sonia Castillo (theater), Teresa Alcaíno (dance ), Sebastián Errázuriz (opera), Gustavo Caprario (circus), Jaime Morán and Luisa Morales (puppets), Guillermo Ganga (set design), Francisca Miquel (emerging artist) and Paulina Mellado (authors of plays, choreographies, screenplays, screenplays o stories).

“I couldn’t be happier! It’s an extraordinary incentive to keep going,” celebrated Errázuriz.

For the artist, the award is “a support for the production of new Chilean works. It is hoped that the award will generate interest from theater programmers to put works from the national repertoire on the bill,” he added.

Errázuriz is a composer, conductor, music producer and cultural manager. His extensive catalog includes more than 50 works ranging from opera, symphonic and chamber music to cinema, dance and theatre.

historic debt

Established by Law 21.175 for the Promotion of Performing Arts, the names of the winners in each of the categories were defined by the National Performing Arts Council, a collegial body chaired by Andrea Gutiérrez, Undersecretary of Cultures and the Arts, and composed of a total of 16 representatives, who together examined each of the nominations, decreeing the winners on this occasion by an absolute majority.

The Minister(s) of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Andrea Gutiérrez, who notified the winners, said that “it is an award that has been awaited for many years in the sector, and that it comes to settle a historic debt of the State for the recognition of the diversity of disciplines that make up the performing arts and the tremendous value of its artists. Today we finally have the joy of announcing its achievements for the first time. We congratulate the winners in each of the categories for their ongoing contributions in the field of performing arts”.

This prize will be awarded annually and those who will be recognized in the various categories will receive, in an official ceremony, a diploma signed by the President of the Republic and the Minister of Cultures, as well as a single sum of 200 UTM. .

It should be noted that the applications examined by the Board reached this instance following an open call in which third parties (natural or legal) were invited to present their applications to receive the award. For the deliberation, the backgrounds and trajectory of more than 70 performing arts professionals were reviewed.

Award-winning careers

The National Prize for the Performing Arts of the President of the Republic defines 8 distinctions: (1) theatre, (2) dance, (3) opera, (4) circus, (5) puppetry or oral storytelling, (6) comedy authors , choreography, script, script or story, (7) production designer and (8) emerging artist.

In the case of the puppets or oral storytelling category, this first discipline will be recognized this year, leaving oral storytelling for the 2023 edition. This is how the winners were defined by Jaime Morán and Luisa Morales, founders of the company Teatro Tradicional de Títeres de Chile, group who has been cultivating this discipline for more than 60 years. In addition to touring the entire national geography with their shows, they innovated in terms of repertoire by collecting stories, situations and legends from the Chilean oral tradition, which were then represented through their dolls.

In theater, the winner on this occasion is Sonia Castillo, a leading artist from the Tarapacá region, who has been working as an actress, director and theater educator for over 50 years, also highlighting her work as coordinator of the Festival ¡Upa al teatro!

In the discipline of dance, the winner is the choreographer, dancer and teacher Teresa Alcaíno. Member of the Movimiento company since 1997, some of his creations are “Vaho en los huesos” (1995), “Mistral” (1999), “Infrarrojo” (2004), “Prisas y atajo” (2007), among other works that They have been presented both in Chile and abroad.

The circus will also be recognized through Gustavo Caprario, a fundamental artist in the development of circus arts and magic in Chile. Always dedicated to this profession, he has presented his shows in Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, and also nationally in circuses such as Las Águilas Humanas and Los Bochincheros. With the aim of promoting and spreading his art, in 1988 he founded the group Hermandad Mágica de Chile.

In the category of theatrical authors, choreographies, scripts, scripts or stories, original or adapted that can be staged, the director, choreographer and teacher Paulina Mellado has been recognized. With a repertoire that includes the creation of over fifteen choreographies, she is currently in charge of the cultural space Sala Santa Elena 1332 and is director of Cía. Pe Mellado and the Choreographic Studies and Research Center (CIEC).

In the field of scenography, in this first edition the prize was awarded to Guillermo Ganga, who has worked for over 45 years in lighting and scenography for university theater productions and independent companies, both in Chile and abroad. Furthermore, his work as a teacher in various universities in the country stands out in his career.

Finally, the prize in the emerging artists category, which highlights new figures in the performing arts, was awarded to Francisca Miquel, who at just 12 years of age excels in the discipline of the circus through her contortion show, with which she has brought tour the best and most important national stages.

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