Marginal music festival in La Pintana

Marginal music festival in La Pintana

  • La Pintana Amphitheater, Aníbal Pinto #12952, La Pintana.
  • Saturday 17th December – 4pm.
  • Free.

An already classic from the south of Santiago comes to close the year of the return to cultural life in person. The seventh edition of the Al Margen Music Festival continues to build its interest in supporting and spreading the emerging sounds of the Chilean capital, and once again relaunches this instance which gives the possibility to various bands to experience a live concert, and become the brand new match winners..

The winner will have the opportunity to record an EP to kick-start a fledgling music career. That’s not all, because the possibility of being part of the poster to be held on Saturday 17 December at La Pintana is as enriching as the recording experience. The Al Margin Music Festival confirms its programming, which will be held at the Municipal Amphitheater of the municipality starting at 16:00. where participants will be able to enjoy the emerging and established sounds of local music; and also confirms a previous activity ideal for music enthusiasts.

Before the big event, on Wednesday 14 December, there will be a conversation broadcast on YouTube and Facebook by Música al Margen.

It is about “Music as Vanguard and Counterculture in the 80s”, a debate between journalists Emiliano Aguayo and Beto Arán, as well as the singer of Banda 69, Robert Rodríguez. An encounter that not only reviews our history, but also outlines how relevant culture, and especially music, is when it comes to being a space of resistance in complex social and political landscapes.


The musical party begins on Saturday 17 at 16:00 with the Kurmi, group from San Miguel exponent of pop-rock and Latin pop. Since 2020 they have been making songs which in turn are reflections on life, society, love, the state of the world. They arrive at the festival with a long run of 2021, entitled “Stories for when I will be a grandmother”.

An hour later, at 5pm, Benjamin Ve takes the stage at Anibal Pinto #12952 to delight in his local indie rock. Originally from Matta Sur, this project with 5 years of history takes its references such as Pixies and Pánico to obtain sweet melodies and full of instrumental textures. They have two studio albums in their pockets: “Canciones”, from 2017, and “Especial de Invierno”, from this year.

The presentation of the participating bands closes with all the death metal thrash of Southern Cross, a Renca group that has put together an independent and self-managed repertoire since the pandemic, where a first album entitled “Enigmatic Creation” stands out; a recording debut that is already preparing its second installment.

At 19:00 the musician Piny Levalle will delight us with a Master Class entitled KALIMBA AND IMPROVISATION. The musician and musical director of KALIMARIMBA, as leader of this experience, will close the event with two unmissable names for rock fans.

Chaicura brings all the guitars from the roots and in an excellent time as they present their good album titled “INCHE” a live performance which takes place at 8pm. An excellent prelude to experience the awards ceremony of this seventh version of the Música Al Margen Festival, which consolidates its mission of being a fundamental support for groups and artists, who are just starting this emerging and independent musical adventure.

The big closure will be in the hands of Banda 69, a cult group that has been surprising with its experimentation since the 1980s, passing from pop to new wave with incredible ease. An ideal show for the brand new winners to imagine the long breath they have left in the music.

The Music Festival at the Margin is a project financed by the Music Fund of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.


16:00: KURMI (competition for emerging bands).

17:00: BENJAMIN VE (competition for emerging bands).

18:00: SOUTHERN CROSS (emerging bands competition).

19:00: Master Class KALIMBA AND IMPROVISATION, dictated by Piny Levalle, musician and musical director of KALIMARIMBA.

20:00: CHAICURE.

21:00: PRESS.

9.30pm: BAND 69.

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