The South American Cantata for Human Rights was successfully performed

More than 80 artists paraded on the stage of the mythical Municipal Theater of Valparaíso over the weekend, to present the South American Cantata for Human Rights, an activity that was part of the commemoration of International Human Rights Day.

Among the presentations that gave birth to the free and self-managed show by the NGO Human Rights Platform for Good Living, the Marga Marga Orchestra, the Student Choir of the Music Institute of the Pontifical University of Valparaíso (IMUS PUCV), the singing and instrumental ensemble “Los Precisos” and Eduardo Albornoz.

The meeting began half an hour earlier in the traditional Plaza O’Higgins, with an ancestral ceremony developed by the Assembly of the Original Peoples of the Region of Valparaíso. Then, entering the foyer of the Municipal Theater, the public was able to appreciate an exhibition of images of the social epidemic of Buenos Aires by the Rival photographic collective. The activity began with a minute of silence in tribute to Jaime Andrés Garnham Saravia, human rights and social justice activist and co-founder of the Casa Memoria de Valparaíso.

Afterwards, the students of the Autonomous Student Movement of Valparaíso shared a greeting, as well as a greeting from Paulina Moreno, neighborhood leader of Cerro El Liter, and representatives of the organizations that make up the city’s Human Rights Working Group, which also delivered in their support to political-cultural activity.


The presentation was given by Conina Fernández, actress and director of the CEAC Corporation, who also greeted the authorities present, including the Seremi de Cultura, Patricia Mix, the Undersecretary of Human Rights, Haydee Oberreuter, the Buenos Aires announcer and the councilor of Valparaíso Thelmo Aguilar and the governor Rodrigo Mundaca.

The concert itself included a series of presentations focused above all on children and young people, in a familiar and constructive environment.

Among the performances, the Mapuche singer Constanza Nahuelpán stood out with her deep voice, the children’s storyteller Victoria Silva, founder of the Alumbra Creando company, and a beautiful guitar quartet from the Valparaíso Student Public Orchestra.

When the Cantata was finally announced, there was a standing ovation from the audience. The choir and declamations by Eduardo Albornoz followed

The concert was streamed on more than six platforms and with a large number of visits and, shortly, the audiovisual recording of the entire concert will be released, which will be disseminated through the social networks of the Human Rights Platform for Good To live.

Regional music

One of the participants was Franz Fonfach Ugalde, IMUS PUCV Vocal Training teacher and member of “Los Precisos”, a group created in late 2021 with musicians from the PUCV Andean Orchestra, and the groups “Transiente”, “Enlace” and ” The messengers. “

“The show, whose management is highly regarded, as we know, was focused on the commemoration of another year of the International Day of Human Rights in which, in addition to the Cantata, there was the participation of different groups and social movements. The importance it had for me as a professor at the IMUS PUCV is to have been able to testify how more than 60 students of the Institute were able to demonstrate through singing, and on the basis of the topics of the Choral Practice matter carried out by Professor Ernesto Cárcamo Almonacid ., his art and his commitment to Human Rights,” he said.

Likewise, he appreciated the participation of the Marga Marga Orchestra, “the vocal and instrumental soloists. Congratulations on the excellent work of the director, Luis José Recart, in charge of seeing the instrumental part. And of course to ‘Los Precisos’, in the instrumental voice, a group that saw the light in 2022 with members who come from various groups with the intention of showing the work of some Chilean cantatas and authors of a Latin American dimension. It was a beautiful evening, a beautiful day of which we are very proud, especially the participation of the students of the PUCV Musical Institute, as well as the teachers, which highlights the regional musical artistic field”, specified Fonfach.

The “South American Cantata for Human Rights”, by the Chilean composer Alejandro Guarello and the “Ortiga” Group, with texts by Father Esteban Gumucio, narrated by Roberto Parada, is a famous work which was published in 1978 as part of a Human Rights Symposium, organized in resistance to the brutal dictatorship of the time.

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