UDI senators question the approval of Marta Herrera as national prosecutor

Both in the opposition and in the governing party there are names that reject the appointment of Marta Herrera as National Prosecutor, the second letter chosen by President Gabriel Boric and which must be ratified by the Senate, after the rejection of the appointment of the prosecutor José Morales, while the various parliamentary benches meet to schedule the vote for next Monday, December 19, now the Udi has announced that it is not available to give its support to a candidate who, they say, is the continuity of Jorge Abbott.

“We have already made an assessment of Prosecutor Herrera and everyone knows what we think, which is a continuation of the mediocre and worst management that has taken place in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, by Mr. Abbott,” said Senator Iván Moreira, according to emol. And he condemned: “We will vote against the entire Udi college, its nine senators, because we believe it is a provocation from the Government, from the Minister of Justice, who was unable to seek agreements for the first name of the national prosecutor”.

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For his part, the senator and president of trade unionism, Javier Macaya, argued that “the government knows it and there are public speeches by many MPs, we have had criticisms of Jorge Abbott.” in conversation with radio future, The UDI helmsman stated that “we will make a decision, and we made it as a party. We gave our vote to Morales and it was a wrong decision that he did not arrive as national prosecutor and now we will make the decision as a party. “

“This decision must be taken seriously, it is an assignment that lasts 8 years. The Government in this process, in this second name, was completely absent. We will take a decision accordingly”, assured Javier Macaya. Meanwhile, UDI Senator Luz Ebensperger, who is also a member of the Constitution Commission of the Senate, warned that “it is very difficult for the votes to be approved” for President Gabriel Boric’s letter of appointment.

It is worth mentioning that some deputies have already ratified their position against the government candidate, as was reserved by an important part of the opposition and by another no lesser pro-government senator, a situation which reinforces the idea that in the face of a rejection of Herrera in the National Congress, the subsidiary goal is that everything goes back to the Supreme Court to start the whole process again.

doubtful choice

“It is an absolutely irresponsible and almost childish decision. They don’t have the votes for approval in this second degree. The government is absolutely wrong,” said David Sandoval, also a UDI senator.

“This name will collide with reality. What does this imply? A new proposal to force the Supreme Court with a new competition ”, she added.

DC Senator Iván Flores, for his part, indicated that “there is a risk in the government’s commitment.”

Among the five names proposed by the Supreme Court, the right-wing and Socialist Party benches had preferences for other candidates, which Boric ruled out.

The parliamentarians bet on a name far from the former national prosecutor Jorge Abbott, questioned about his management, which did not happen with Herrera, who was one of his closest advisers.

This was also the criticism launched last Wednesday by the Association of Public Prosecutors (Anfumip), which accused the candidate of “endorsement of bad practices based on the internal culture of clientelism, consanguinity and lack of transparency and accountability”.

“Marta Herrera ensures the continuity of Jorge Abbott’s questioning management and the vices and ballasts that afflict the institution and prevent the change necessary to fulfill its mission,” the organization said in a statement.

However, according to the local press, according to the government, the head of the anti-corruption unit was considered “less distant” than the rest of the candidates and there was interest in her being a woman.

The governing party, on the other hand, gave a positive assessment of Herrera’s appointment

“She is a woman who knows the prosecutor’s office very well, who can have a productive, interesting and modern leadership, but at the same time she has managed this very important department, that of crimes of great complexity”, said the senator of the Republic. the Social Green Regionalist Federation, Alejandra Sepulveda.

For his part, Senator Jaime Quintana, of the Party for Democracy (PPD), underlined that “what is needed today is how experience becomes a force to think and design a robust Public Prosecutor for the tasks that must be carried out in the prosecution of organized crime”.

A mandate with new verve

The minister of the General Secretariat of the presidency (Segpres), Ana Lya Uriarte, responsible for relations with the Congress, declared that the candidate could lead “a mandate with new impetus, with new approaches and which adapts to what the country today he needs “.

On the decision to be made by lawmakers, he noted: “We hope that if the president sends a name for the second time for approval by the Senate, hopefully the Senate will consider this circumstance.”

“We understand that there shouldn’t be a rejection or a disagreement situation, as it’s a name that meets the attributes,” he added.

Herrera’s appointment comes after the previous candidate proposed by the Executive, José Morales, deputy chief prosecutor of the Santiago Norte Local Prosecutor’s Office, did not obtain sufficient support in the Senate, which has the last word to grant the job.

The vote to ratify the nomination of Marta Herrera, for which she needs the support of at least 33 senators (two-thirds of the Upper House), will take place on Monday afternoon in the Senate.

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