Over 40% of midwives in the public system are rape objectors

At least 43% of midwives employed in public hospitals authorized to carry out voluntary abortion (IVE) are conscientious objectors in the causal violation, according to Corporación Humanos data collected during this year.

Given the numbers, the organization has created the ”National Map of Conscientious Objectors in Public Health Facilities”, to make the abortion situation in Chile visible and continue to monitor the IVE Law five years after its implementation.

Among the main data collected, it is noted that in the Maule region, at least two hospitals have all their midwives as objectors in the event of rape: Hospital de Cauquenes and Hospital de Constitución. The same situation is repeated in the Araucanía Region, with the Pitrufquén Hospital and the Lautaro Hospital.

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The figures also show that 100% of the officials authorized to perform an abortion at the Hospital de Cauquenes are objectors at all costs. In other words, anesthesiologists, midwives, non-medical ward personnel and paramedical technicians do not provide health services.

It should be noted that according to Corporación Humanas the power to declare oneself a conscientious objector does not require any requirement regarding the foundation or seriousness of the beliefs that support it, in fact it is enough to fill in a form.

“The high rates of conscientious objection show that, 5 years after its promulgation, obstacles to the full implementation of Law No. 21.030 persist, disproportionately affecting the most remote and/or rural localities of the country”. report accompanying the map.

On the other hand, in the Sotero del Río hospital, located in Puente Alto, 85.7% of obstetricians oppose the cause of rape, 66.7% against the inviolability of the fetus and 47.6% against the risk of mother’s life.

In the north of the country, it is clear that in the Atacama region, especially in the Vallenar hospital, all anesthesiologists are considered conscientious objectors in all three cases. While in midwives the figure drops to 75% in rape, 50% in vitality and 37% in vital risk.

Along the same lines, it is observed that in 17 structures (25.0% of the total structures at a national level) more than two thirds of the midwives declare themselves conscientious objectors.

“The State of Chile respects its obligation to guarantee throughout the national territory access to abortion under safe conditions according to the grounds established by law, especially when the pregnancies are the result of rape”, underlines the organization .

The map contained information provided by the Ministry of Health of 68 public facilities authorized to implement the abortion law in three reasons. To access the complete map click here. And to read the full report click here.

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