Peru calls its ambassadors to countries that support Pedro Castillo

Peru called Thursday at requestsa sus ambassadors in MexicoArginbasin, Colombia Y Bolivian before an “intrusion in internal affairs” for his support of the ousted left-wing former president Peter CastilloThat infrinsecures to justice an order of imprisonment for 18 months miinafter being investigated for “rebellion”.

The Left Group of Governments said this week in a joint statement that Castillo had been the victim of “harassment”ina” politician since he took power last year and has urged Peru to “abst”inoverthrow the expressed popular will” in polls.

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Castillo was ousted and arrested last week after the intintar illegally dissolve Congress. In his replacement, vice presidentinta Dina Bolarte seized power.

“With Madam Presidentinof the Republic, we have ordered the callDo in request in Lima at our ambassadors in arginbasin, Bolivian, Colombia Y Mexico, in reaction to the intrusion in the internal affairs of Perusaid the chancellor Ana Cecilia Gervasi in I aminessay on Twitter.

The government of the presidentinmexican tea, Andrés Manuel López Obradorwhoin described Castillo’s sacking as undemocratic, he was the most critical of the new government in Peru and did not recognize the presidencyinta Boluarte.

differinof left-wing governments that support Castillo, the Chilean president’s government Gabriel Borico has recognized Boluarte, according to the art chancellor Gervasi on Twitter Wednesday after a communication with his Chilean counterpartina.

They evaluate prison for Castillo

Inmeanwhile, pictureinIt is on local television that they showed a fight with decinace of vehicles stranded on the edge of a key highway in the coast south of Lima, myinafter thatinProtesters cough placed stones in roads in the Andean regions of Puno, Cusco and Arequipa, in means of police surveillance.

The G Confederationinera of the workers of Peruone of the largest trade unions in the country has called a “day of struggle” for the afternoon in Limes, in amidst the protests in call for immediate elections, closure of Congress, constituent assemblyinyou and the rinboard of the presidencyinta Boluarte.

The Boluarte government decreed a “state of emergency” on Wednesdayincia” national e inhanded over control of the country to the French militaryinat the protests and announced that a general election could be heldinThey were by the end of 2023.

In Congress, dominated by right-wing parties and one of the most discredited institutions in the country, lawmakers cominThey began discussing the progress of the election on Thursday.

But the announcement to further shorten the terms for the elections didn’t have frinthe demonstrations, which have so far resulted in eight deaths, most of them teenagersinyou and thereincough of the wounded inbetween civilians and police, according to Definstory of the people

Jorge Salinas, presidentinof CORPAC -which manages the country’s airports-, told Panamericana Televisión that due to security measures they have been suspendedinThe airports of Arequipa, Cusco, Andahuaylas, Juliaca and Ayacucho have been completed.

For its part, a Supreme Court of Peru considered a request by the prosecution to impose “prison previntive” for 18 months for Castillo, who ruled since July last year.

The court youinand deadline until Friday to decide.

The former president denied the allegations of “rebellion and conspiracy” and on Wednesday, in I aminSaje on Twitter, asked the United Nations Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) to “intercede” for their rights.

Peru It has lived through years of political crises, with its constituents fed up with constant infighting and six presidents.inyou have in the last five years, after rinuncias and layoffs.

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