The Aguacero Cómics de Valdivia International Festival starts this Friday with competition, stands and conferences

This Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December, at the Saval Park Fair Center in Valdivia, the eighth version of the Aguacero Cómics de Valdivia International Festival will be held, an event that will have Chilean comics as its central axis and that will have national and international, as well as two award-winning.

The director of the festival, Eduardo Elorz, highlighted that like every year it is a free festival open to the community, which this time has three pillars: the first is the comic competition in four categories and which will have a jury that will conduct talks , conversations and launches.

The second advantage is the 70 stands of artistic groups from all over Chile, where bookshops, publishers, among others, stand out. Likewise, the event will be marked by related activities, such as speeches and conversations, as well as presentations whose objective is to promote musical groups led by students from educational establishments in the Los Ríos region. The event will also see the participation of the Valdivian singer Xavi Rice in the closing ceremony.

This year the organization of the event will make a donation of books to the Municipal Library of Valdivia, with exclusive material that will be collected during the festival.

“We will collect books and donate them to the Municipal Library of Valdivia. Each exhibitor has been asked to donate a comic book or graphic novel, and we will be delivering all those books on Monday, or about 70 publications,” Elorz said.

Portfolio review

In addition to the above, during the three days of the festival, there will be a space for editors and highly experienced artists to share a constructive instance, provide tips, critiques and suggestions to those interested in showcasing their work and portfolio.

The requirements to participate in this space are to be at least 15 years old, submit a portfolio, physical or digital, for review and register through the festival’s social networks.

In this context, Eduardo Elorz has invited those interested in participating to register in advance, as there will be a pre-established programme.

“They must register through our social networks, this will be 11:00 to 12:30 every day and they must bring their portfolio of work, their illustrations, comics, drawings or scripts. It is open to the public, but with prior registration” , the director pointed out.

Another of the milestones of the eighth version is the homage to two exceptional artists: Lincoln Fuentes and Máximo Carvajal.

Lincoln Fuentes, is a cartoonist of the “golden age” between the 60s and 70s, an artist with recognized works such as “007 James Bond”, “The Ghost Rider”, “Captain Jupiter”, among others. After making the covers for “Garra de Acero”, he started working in 1965 within the cartoon department of Editorial Zig-Zag. After 45 years, he creates a retro cover for issue no. 3 of El Gran Guarén: Amazonas.

On the other hand, Máximo Carvajal was a prominent Chilean cartoonist and screenwriter who died in 2006. His works have been recognized within science fiction. In 1970 he wrote “Eos Errante” which included the original Mapuche people on a fictional journey. In 1980 he collaborated in the comic section of the newspaper La Tercera with “Axo, a space traveler”, then published “Bandido”.


The event will begin on Friday, December 16 at 11:00 with the portfolio review, followed by the launch of the “Los Ríos Region Graphical Narrative Catalogue” at 11:30, curated by Daniel Benavides, Fyto Manga and Yanko Super. The day will continue at 2.30 pm with “Comics and Human Rights”, led by Sebastián Smart, regional director of INDH.

At 4:30pm, Sam Cannon and Moisés Hasson will direct “The blackout generation: Legacies of Zig-Zag, The Underground, and the new Chilean comic”, followed by the launch of “Duke.23- The algorithm that will govern us” , by Mauricio Salfate, YOYO (author) and Omara Arriagada, by Trauko Cómics. Finally, the opening ceremony is scheduled for 20:00.

The second day will start on Saturday at 11:00 with the review of the portfolios, followed by the “Arica Drawing Board: Launching Aula Silente- Engranaje- Senderos Creativeos”, led by Esteban Calatayud, Alex Rivero, Aex Yucra, Camila Verdugo, Marco Herrera and Daniel Cabrera at 11:30.

At 2.30 pm, Claudio Muñoz, Alexis Vivallo and Diego Toro will direct “Moral dilemmas of cartoonists, special Aguacero Cómics 2022”, followed by “The world of Relmu, art, comics and neurodiversity”, with Ana Bravo, Daniela Carrancio, Lucas González , Nicole Olavarría and Paola Vásquez, at 16:30 Alan Robinson and Amancay Nahuelpán will direct at 18:30, Working for DC and Marvel.

The second day will culminate at 20:00 with “Evolution of comics in Chile (1858-2020), by Moisés Hasson, to end at 20:30 with the musical presentation of Guitarras Madera Austral.

The last day of the event, corresponding to Sunday, will begin at 11:00 with the portfolio review, to continue with the presentation “Perfilmman 2: La ira de botanico” by Rodrigo Rybertt Morales, at 11:30, in space a Ninico and the presentation of the book “Humor Therapy”.

At 16:30, Esteban Castillo- “El Chungungo”, will lead “Sairi and the colored feathers: connecting the visions of the world through comics”, to conclude the event with “How to make comics in group and not lose friendship? ”, starring Érika Pino and Cristobal Jofré at 18:30 and the closing ceremony at 20:00, where Xavi Rice will perform

The Aguacero Cómics de Valdivia International Festival is funded by the National Book and Reading Fund, in line with the 2022 support to festivals and fairs from the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. In addition, it has the support of the City of Valdivia, ProChile and Librería Qué Leo.

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