The Colectivo Bordadoras por la Memoria responds to the official letter presented by the deputies of RN: “It is not possible that through their role they propagate their denial discourse”

The representatives of Renovación Nacional (RN), Andrés Celis, Andrés Longton and Diego Schalper officiated this Thursday at the Ministry of Culture to finance the exhibition of the Collective of embroiderers for memory “We jumped the turnstiles to open the avenues”, which is was presented at the Centro Cultural Daniel de la Vega in the municipality of Quilpué from 7 to 15 December.

“We cannot accept that with the funds of all Chileans, violence is promoted and actions such as jumping the turnstiles are approved, which ultimately harm our entire society. In the image it seems that the Ministry of Cultures and also the Municipality of Quilpué are sponsors, so it is important that they clarify the reasons for the sponsorship and how much money they have allocated for the sample”, indicated the deputy Celis.

The official letter requests information on the public resources available to carry out the exhibition, the project selection process and the reasons for sponsoring the activity. In addition, the MPs officiated at the Municipality of the municipality to find out if public resources had been allocated to the sample.

The collective denies funding

Following the official letter, the Bordadoras por la Memoria Collective responded with a public statement to the allegations of RN deputies.

“We exclude any type of funding from the Ministry of Cultures, the municipality of Quilpué and its Cultural Corporation, as MPs misinform,” the statement reads.

The exhibition “was presented at the Daniel de la Vega Cultural Center, as part of the commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights and through the invitation of an organization of users-recipients of the Comprehensive Program of Health and Rights, Reparation and Care Human Rights, (PRAIS), which does not depend on any public body”, explains the note.

Furthermore, he adds that “the sample set, which was presented from December 7 to 15, was made up of 24 embroidered pieces that tell, through art, iconic images of the Social Outbreak. The complete sample set was made for several months after December 19 October 2019 fully self-financed by us”.

The group points out that its exhibitions have been exhibited at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, the Salvador Allende Museum, the cultural centers of San Antonio and La Ligua, and in various educational and cultural institutes in the region, and points out that it has over 140 embroideries “that tell of various episodes of human rights violations in our country”.

“We would expect parliamentarians, financed with resources from all Chileans, to fill their important public role in functions useful to our society. our work”, underlines the group.

The response of the Government and the Municipality

On the other hand, as reported Radio Bio Bio the mayor of Quilpué, Valeria Melipillan, refused to refer to the accusation of using public resources for the exhibition.

While from the Seremi de las Culturas, las Artes y la Patrimonio de Valparaíso claimed not to finance the group’s exhibition.

“We, as the Regional Ministerial Secretariat for Cultures of Valparaíso and the Institution’s Unit of Memory and Human Rights, have signed a collaboration agreement with the organization Agrupación de Beneficiarios de Leyes de Reparación Política de Quilpué. This agreement has not provided details on this exhibition, coordinated by this group from Quilpué together with the Bordadoras de Valparaíso collective”, said The meter.

Regarding the statements of the RN deputies, they argued that “from the Seremi of the Valparaíso Region we emphatically affirm that we are not promoters of violence in any of its forms, nor of censorship or questioning of the freedom of expression of cultural groups and organizations in the country. This exhibition is part of the work done by a group dedicated to preserving the historical memory of the country and the region of Valparaíso, and its initiatives are the result of their own actions as a group.”

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