Senator Bianchi puts more uncertainty in the prelude to the vote for the new National Prosecutor

Uncertainty continues, two days after the appearance of President Gabriel Boric’s candidate to lead the Public Prosecutor, Marta Herrera, before the Constitution, Legislation and Justice Commission of the Senate, before the respective vote in the plenary session of the Upper House, scheduled for afternoon of this Monday 19 December.

Prospects for Herrera are not encouraging: a significant number of senators said they were surprised by his appointment, among other things due to the prosecutor’s close professional relationship with the outgoing national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, and the difficulties that a name like Mr his to get the necessary support that would allow a troubled government to avoid a failure such as the failure to nominate its first candidate, José Morales.

In this context, and given the rumors of the unfolding of a plan devised by La Moneda around appointing a person like Herrera, knowing that he will not have the necessary support, and thus leaving responsibility for a new Cassation machine in the hands of the Tribunal, they continue to emerge parliamentary voices that show the enormous difficulties that the persecutor would have to obtain the required votes in the Senate.

Today it was the independent senator Karim Bianchi who referred to the situation of uncertainty gripping the National Congress, 48 ​​hours after Herrera’s appearance before the Constitution Commission, which could be decisive in the decision that the senators will have to take in the plenary session scheduled for this Monday afternoon.

“My decision will be after hearing the candidate’s draft for this great challenge and I will decide on merit, without any political commitment. favors to political parties”, specified the MP for the Magallanes region.

And he continued: “Up until now, the way this process has taken place has not convinced me, so today I can only think of abstaining, given how improvised and on the fly the treatment that the government has reserved for the main problems has been the country that it’s public safety.”

It should be remembered that in addition to the opposition votes against, a sector that would vote en bloc to reject the government candidate, parliamentarians from other sectors, such as the senator for the Democrats, Ximena Rincón, and the president of the Constitution Commission of the Senate itself. , Matías Walker, also expressed their position against Marta Herrera becoming the next national prosecutor.

It is in this context that the Government faces the last hours before the decisive day of this Monday, December 19, where the design of a plan which would have the objective of avoiding a new bankruptcy, such as that of José Morales, in the epilogue of a first complex year for a government hopelessly affected by the failure of the proposal for a new constitution.

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