Accessible concert “Sentires” at Parque O’Higgins

Accessible concert “Sentires” at Parque O’Higgins

  • La Cúpula Theater, O’Higgins Park, Factory 1503, Santiago.
  • Wednesday 28th December – 4pm
  • Free, upon registration here.

The accessible concert “Sentires”, an activity designed to reach people with a certain degree of disability through touch and sight, will have a new version between Christmas and New Year’s. The presentation is an initiative developed through the Interdisciplinary Project for development of inclusive arts (PRINDAI) of the Academy of University Christian Humanism, interdisciplinary connection between the careers of Pedagogy in Differential Education and Musical Composition of the Academy, with the collaboration of the Directorate of Relations with the Environment (DIVIM) The permanent initiative it was created in 2021 after obtaining a Fund for the Promotion of Music financed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MINCAP).

The first version of the event was very well received by the public, explained Norma Soto, professor at the Faculty of Pedagogy and internship coordinator for the Pedagogy in Differential Education course at UAHC. As regards the characteristics that distinguish a concert of this nature, the PRINDAI coordinator also described the use of devices to allow everyone to participate. “There were sign language interpreters, who were part of the staging itself. Balloons were delivered that made it possible to feel sound vibrations and perceive music through touch,” she said.

The programs were presented in different formats such as Braille, large print and audio description, and eye covers and ear plugs were also offered to the audience to reduce auditory and visual stimuli for those who found it uncomfortable. Taking into account the presence of participants with visual impairments, there was also a person in charge of offering an audio description of what was happening on stage.

On this occasion, following the alliance of DIVIM with the Corporation for the Development of Santiago (CORDESAN) and the Sub-Directorate for Gender Equality, Sexual Diversity of Inclusion of the City of Santiago, approach vehicles will be available – type of golf carts- between the Parque O’Higgins metro station and the Teatro la Cúpula.

Composer: Jaime Vasquez.
Author: Carolina Gonzalez.
Director: Valeria Vejar.
Musical director: Jaime Vásquez.
Sign language interpreters: Zlatisca Galvez-Patricio Levin.
Audio description: Valeria Vejar.
Sound and lights: Paulo Rojas, Felipe Beltrán.
Advisory Group: Patricio Levin, Carolina González, Caroline Contreras.
General coordination: Norma Soto Jiménez.
Requests to: and @conciertoaccessible_sentires

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