The US congressional committee recommends charging Trump with insurrection and obstruction

a box from the camera from representatives from The United States asked prosecutors on Monday for faithfromgasps accusing Donald Duck trump from obstruction and insurrection for the role assigned to him fromsencafromnar the assault on the Capitol Of 6 from January from 2021.

The select committee therefromseldom for the fromDemocrats have asked the Fromflat from Justice filing charges against the expressifromRepublican front, including obstruction from an official procedure Of Congressconspiracy a fromdefraud the United States e insurrection.

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The request is not binding, but it canfrom put pressure on prosecutors who are investigating trump for them to act

Monday’s meeting is likely the latest in a panel that has spent 18 months investigating the unprecedented attempt to prevent the peaceful transfer of power by thousands of Trump supporters, inspired by their false claims that their defeat election of 2020 in favor of the democratic president Joe Biden it was the result of widespread fraud.

“If we are to survive as a country from read and fromdemocracy, this cannotfrom happen againfromr,” the rep said Bennie ThompsonpressfromBefore Of select committee, at the beginning of the meeting.

attack trump for calling crowds to the Capitol almost two years ago, Thompson also criticized the expressifromnte for undermining trust in the system fromdemocratic.

“If faith is broken, so are ours. fromdemocracy. Donald Duck trump it broke that faith,” Thompson said.

trump He has already started a campaign to become the Republican candidate for the White House in 2024

The job Of the select committee is part from a series from investigations into the riots. Five people, including an agent from police, died during or shortly thereafter fromafter Of incifrombefore and more from 140 policemen were injured. The Capitol suffered millions of dollars in damage.

“Among the most shameful from the discoveries from this committee was that presidentfromBefore trump sat in the outside dining room from the Oval Office, watching the violent riot on Capitol Hill on television,” said Rep. Liz Cheneya from both Republicans on the committee.

trump he crossed out from political motivations the numerous investigations he has to face and the accusations that the commission Of 6 from January, dominated by fromDemocrats, is biased towards it.

A jury has already found members of the right-wing militia Keepers of the oath convicted of sedition for their role in the attack and special counsel, jack smithis investigating Trump’s efforts to overturn his defeat and his removal of classified White House documents.

trump faced a series from legal matters fromYesfrom what fromdropped the charge His real estate company was fromconvicted on the 6th from December from carry out a criminal plan from 15 years for fromdefraud the authoritiesfroms prosecutors.

“The highly partisan selection committee is illegally divulging classified informationfromcial to anyone who will listen,” wrote the expressionfromnte on its Truth Social platform first from the meeting. “How much longer will Republicans and patriotic Americans leavefromIn general, do you think this happens?”

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