Mayor Hassler (PC) for tourist guide stabbed in Santiago: “Let’s hope those responsible are found”

“First of all, we regret the situation that occurred this Monday.” The mayor of Santiago, Irací Hassler (PC), regretted the acts of violence recorded in the sectors of Paseo Puente and Plaza de Armas, where a tour guide was stabbed by criminals.

“Our teams quickly made available the images that our surveillance cameras have to the investigative police, who are handling this case,” said the community leader, during an activity held in Los Reyes Park. He added: “We hope that it can be found with those responsible, and that they can have the corresponding sanction in the face of this very serious fact”.

Mayor Hassler appreciated the return of tourists, not only in Plaza de Armas or Santiago, but also nationwide, and stressed that they will continue to coordinate work with the regional presidential delegation and with the Carabineros regarding security in the area.

“What I see of the Plaza de Armas and Paseo Puente has to do with the need for work that is permanent, because they are places where there are thousands of people every day, where there is a concentration of economic activity in our country ” he mentioned.

Hassler also lamented that “we’re talking about gangs that have been operating, organized crime, very serious situations.” Finally, the mayor of Santiago has asked that this work (to solve the security problem in the municipality) be supported. “Especially in what is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior, which deals with security in our country, and with which we collaborate in virtuous employment, in images, cameras and in various aspects”, he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that the victim, identified as Felipe Morales (28), was walking along via Catedral with four Jordanian citizens visiting the capital. In the heart of Santiago, they were followed by subjects who tried to rob the tourists. With that said, Morales pounced on strangers, who beat and stabbed him. As reported by the former Central Post Office, the victim suffered a right pneumothorax — or collapsed lung — and a severe right diaphragmatic lesion. Meanwhile, the criminals fled.

The perimeter closure of the Parque de los Reyes begins

The City of Santiago has announced the start of the perimeter closure of sector 2 of the Parque de los Reyes, thus welcoming one of the requests of the residents of the sector, with whom the municipality has collaborated to carry forward this iconic project.

This was announced by Mayor Hassler, together with the metropolitan presidential delegate, Constanza Martínez; councilors Yasna Tapia and Paola Melo; industry neighbors; police authorities and POIs; and the legal representative of Lexa Construcciones – the company in charge of the project -, Axel Véliz.

The work has a municipal investment of 840 million dollars and adds to the measures already implemented, such as strengthening the site security of this important park, the green lung of the municipality, with an increase in patrolling in the sector, access to vehicles it was locked down, CCTV and new lights were installed. The project has a runtime of 240 days.

Mayor Irací Hassler underlined that “today the work on closing sector 2 of Los Reyes park begins, in order to protect a public park that is the green lung of our region and that we must make it available to the public. We want boys and girls to be able to enjoy the park in peace, that our neighbors feel they own this space that belongs to them”.

The project involves the acquisition and installation of a metal fence along the entire southern perimeter of sector 2 of the Park, generating controlled pedestrian and vehicular accesses in:

  • Calle G. Bulnes (parking entrance).
  • Via G. Bulnes Corner of Via Balmaceda.
  • Via Presidente Balmaceda at the height of via Ricardo Cumming.
  • Via Presidente Balmaceda near the Gral. Via Baquedano.

The construction and installation of the perimeter fence was tendered through a public tender, which was awarded in August and the contract was formalized in December. The Sector 2 perimeter closure of this park was announced in April of this year.

Due to the large extension of the intervention (1,230 linear meters), it is envisaged to carry out the execution in two sections, starting in the north-western sector of the park (Calle Bulnes) up to via Ricardo Cumming and then as a second section moving east (Manuel Rodriguez). . The first jobs to be done are the job sign installation, installation works, demolitions and removals needed to begin locating the bar patterns as of January 2023.

The Presidential Delegate, Constanza Martínez, underlined “we appreciate the work of this organized community which, together with the municipality, has not neglected the commitment to recover its park and give it to boys, girls, teenagers and the elderly so that they can enjoy this space The recovery of public spaces is a central theme for our government because through them we can generate communities and improve the sense of insecurity, which is perhaps the most heartfelt concern on the part of citizens”.

Likewise, Juan Pablo Escobar, president of the Neighborhood Council of the Balmaceda neighborhood, stressed that the start of these works “is a big step in security for our neighborhood and for the municipality of Santiago, because following the felling trees, pouring on them and other crimes, is that the decision of this perimeter closure had to be taken and we hope that this also includes the modernization of our urban park”. In addition, he thanked the work of the presidential delegation and the mayor to stop excessive trade in different parts of the municipality.

The construction of the Parque de Los Reyes was an urban milestone. Inaugurated in 1992, it was built on 31 hectares reforested in an old landfill. The park connects the Mapocho neighborhood with the municipalities of Quinta Normal, Renca and Independencia. It has an area of ​​31 green hectares for public use, games for children, a lagoon and a sports center, and the Persa Parque de Los Reyes (Av. Balmaceda con Brasil).

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