Allotment case: the Ministry of Agriculture claims to have complied with the precautionary measure which suspended the instructions

The Ministry of Agriculture has defended itself against the complaint filed by the Chilean Rural Union for contempt of the ministerial portfolio and the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), because according to the complainants they have not complied with the precautionary measure adopted by the 7th Civil Court of Santiago in end of November, which suspended the instructions suspending the development certification of rural properties in the country.

For this reason, the association filed a brief with the courts, in which it requested the issuance of an arrest warrant against the minister Valenzuela, the national director(s) of the SAG, Andrea Collao, and the the regional director(s) of the O ‘Region of Higgins of the SAG, Luis Claudio Marcelo Rodr√≠guez.

Through a public statement, the portfolio led by Minister Esteban Valenzuela has ensured that it has fully complied with the precautionary measure of the 7th Civil Court of Santiago.

“Both the Ministry of Agricultural Policies and the SAG have complied with the suspension provision and through the National Directorate of the SAG, and the Regional Offices have been instructed, through a meeting of Teams, on November 25th, also ratified in writing on December 7th ” , they say.

In this sense, they add that “without prejudice to this, the State Defense Council has challenged the suspension provision, a matter that will have to be resolved by the Illustrious Court of Appeal of Santiago”.

“Therefore, each Regional Directorate of the SAG is currently deliberating the requests for certification of development, independently of the Ordinary Letter n. 637, of 12 July 2022, of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies and by Circular no. necessarily according to the legal norms within its competence, and the procedures established by the Law, a matter which also the suspended instructions reiterated”, they add.

“Finally, it should be noted that before and after the suspension provision, the SAG maintained continuity in the certification process of real estate subdivisions, with 16,413 applications processed during this year”, they conclude.

They reward the Ministry

In parallel with this legal action faced by the Ministry of Agriculture, the portfolio led by Minister Esteban Valenzuela won one of the “Environmental Contribution” awards given by the Terram Foundation in its environmental balance sheet for the year 2022.

In the award, they explain that they gave it for “for the enactment of Ordinary No. 637 of August which orders the SAG to suspend the certification of subdivision of rural assets that could pose a threat to agro-productive systems, the ecosystem and the socio-ecological balance of the localities in which they are found.

In the same category, another award went to the Association of Rural Municipalities (AMUR), for “trying to stop unregulated and excessive urbanization in rural areas through subdivisions and fighting against the so-called “witch subdivisions” which have no standards of habitability, and which bring down the system of goods and services in an area, damaging the connection, deteriorating the soil and increasing water scarcity, among other negative impacts”.

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