Dina Boluarte reorganizes her team and appoints the former defense minister as Peru’s chief of staff

The president of Peru, Dina Bolarteappointed his former defense minister as his cabinet chief on Wednesday, in an early partial removal of his cabinet team in a bid to quiet protests over an election advance to 2024.

The new prime minister Alberto Otarolahe was a lawyer from boluarte a few months ago for one fromannounced in Congress and fromhe was performing What boss from wallet from Fromdefence fromYesfrom two weeks ago at equipment from 18 ministers from the new pressurefromnt.

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Together with Otárola, I took itfromnta appointed four new members from his cabinetwhile retaining the titles from key wallets What the minister from Economy, Alex Contraras; and the minister from Energy and Mining, real oscar.

boluartewho swore into the palace officials from Government, had announced the end of it from shock week from his equipmentdays fromafter from resignation from two ministers frombido a hiss discrepancies in official management from the protests that in two weeks have fromleft at least 21 dead and hundreds from wounded.

Five other people died in incifrompreviously related to blocks from streets. Protests on Wednesday had been reduced from previous days, according to an authorityfromSt.

Boluarte became the country’s first female president on December 7, after the former leftist president was ousted and arrested. Peter Castillowho illegally attempted to dissolve Congress and retool the judicial system.

The pressurefromnta, with half from women inside his equipmenthad announced that it would try to cabinet “more political” for tenfromr bridges from dialogue and stop demonstrations.

Otárola, who held various public offices and was an agent fromthe State before the Inter-American Court from FromHuman rights, ten years ago he was a minister from Fromdefence fromhe expressedfrombefore Ollanta Humala and in 2018 his lawyer.

“It’s not a crisishiselta, we still have some targeted conflicts,” Prime Minister Otárola said at a conference from press. “We will start a large process from national dialogue and consultation, we have gone through a critical week full of from hearing problemsfromn public, which generated notable deaths”.

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The fromsignature fromThe new prime minister was rejected by politicians and lawmakers from to the left, accusing Otárola from to be responsible from the deaths after from that the government fromcreated the “State from national emergency” and relinquished control fromhe heardfromn public to the Armed Forces.

“Without any remorse, today he swears What new premier Alberto Otárola, one from top political leaders from Death from 26 Peruvians,” the lawmaker said Sigrid Bazan.

The Peruvian police and military have been accused by groups from fromhuman rights from use weapons from deadly fire and bomb drop from Smoke fromYesfrom helicopters. Says the Army his part, that the protesters, the majority in the hisandean r from PeruThey used weapons and homemade explosives.

“We are in a crisis generated by a very bad strategy that he (Otárola) recommended. What does Dina do boluarteinstead from to sanction, is to hold the person accountable from the massacres they have hissold these days,” Twitter said Mirta Vasquezwho was prime minister last year fromformer President Castillo.

At the protests, protesters are calling for immediate elections and a closure froml Congress; and morefromn/afrommore freedom from castle and resignation from boluarte.

On Tuesday, Congress passed constitutional reform that would allow thefromi cry from general election in two years, in April froml 2024. The proposal was approved with 93 votes in favor and now the parliament will have to carry out a second vote to officially approve fromend of early elections.

The political situation a Peru it subsequently sparked a diplomatic crisis from that the government fromit cleared up on Tuesday What “persona non grata” to the ambassador from Mexico to Lima and expelled him for “unacceptable interference” in thehisinternal points fromVillage.

Mexico, which he had shown publicly his Support a dismissed expressionfrombefore Castillo, granted political asylum to his wife fromtherefromr Peruvian politician and two hiss minor children, who arrived in the Mexican capital Wednesday after from that the Peruvian government give them safe conduct.

Castillo is in custody for 18 months while under investigation for rebellion, fromdispute that denies.

I took itfromBefore from the american nation, Andrés Manuel López ObradorShe said fromYesfrom the city from Mexico in a conference from press that his country will not sever diplomatic relations with Peru for expulsion from his ambassador.

“We are in a sorry state from diplomatic relations fundamentally promoted by López (Obrador),” said the first Otárola. “We trust that this will reduce, we ask Mr. López to stop from refer to Peru“, He added.

Peru and Mexico, along with Colombia and Chile, are members of the Alianza froml Pacific, a regional bloc from 230 million from people with a mechanism from economic and commercial integration, which could be affected by this diplomatic tension.

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