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Series “AstroMicro” on NTV

  • From 28 December
  • Via NTV.

A micro capable of taking us into space: it’s the new animated series for scientific dissemination by NTV; dynamic, playful and fun for all audiences. AstroMicro debuts on TVN’s family culture channel, mixing humor, astronomy and iconic characters from our popular culture.

“There are few opportunities where we see in Chile the development of animation for an older audience on open television; And in AstroMicro we not only have this, but also the opportunity to enchant with knowledge and useful information that connects people with the science that develops in Chile, such as astronomy, which is very typical of our country,” says Mariana Hidalgo , director of programming for NTV.

In cut-out animation format (a variation of stop motion, using figures or flat cutouts) the AstroMicro travels through various scenery across the country and galaxy. There the passengers talk in a playful and simple way about topics such as asteroids, stellar nucleosynthesis and exoplanets.

“Generating this narrative device also starts from the idea of ​​the micro as something small and the star as a giant. This is where humor comes in as a catalyst. Humor is the key to making everyday life extraordinary,” says Carolina Quezada Godoy, director of the project.

The idea of ​​generating a production that connects science and audiovisual arose two years ago from conversations between the astronomer Sebastián Ramírez Alegría and the director herself. Both have thought of an advertising project for all audiences, even if at the beginning they imagined capsules with actors in the flesh, the idea of ​​animation managed to convince them.

“It occurred to me that the series would go with my toys and the neighborhood dog, and we would call a friend to play microro, and this is how the first two capsules designed for the dissemination of the “International of asteroids 2020” has begun, recalls Quezada.

One of the challenges of the series was working in the midst of a pandemic and from different regions of Chile. AstroMicro’s script, animations and sound were elaborated by Antofagasta, Santiago and Valparaíso from teams who met virtually. To evaluate the type of content, the production organized a focus group with children aged between six and ten from the República de Argentina D90 school in Antofagasta.

“The idea was to watch the reactions as we screened the first two episodes. We asked them if they found it interesting and fun. We wanted to combine both. That the children could learn new things, but also have fun with an astronomical dissemination project,” comments Sebastián Ramírez, doctor of astrophysics at the University of La Laguna in Spain.

AstroMicro is a series produced by Áncora Coop (Audiovisual and Graphic Production Cooperative). The project was funded by the Public Science program of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, the Chilean Society of Astronomy (SOCHIAS) and NTV. In total, there will be 24 chapters with an approximate length of between three and five minutes that will be broadcast in the familiar segment of TVN’s cultural signal.

“This is an invitation to curious souls. Why should they watch it? Because it will arouse curiosity in form and content. And perhaps this will bring the public closer to scientific knowledge”, concludes Carolina Quezada, director of the project which will arrive on Ntv screens on Wednesday 28 December at 21.50. The episodes will be released every Wednesday and will be reruns on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays; Additionally, they will be available on TVN’s digital platforms.

Title: AstroMicro
Format: 24×3”
Technique: Cropped digital animation
Producer: Ancora Coop.
Direction: Carolina Quezada Godoy
Artistic direction: Alejandro Da Silva Silva
Original idea Sebastián Ramírez Alegría and Carolina Quezada Godoy
Executive Producer: Yeniffer Fasciani Galvez
Sound design and music: José Bahamondes Valencia

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