The Ministry of Cultures announces the first results of the 2023 funds for culture

A total of 85 projects have been selected in the first tranche of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities’ Funds for Culture 2023, announced this Wednesday. Of the awarded initiatives, 55 correspond to the Fondart Regionale and 30 to the Fondo per lo Spettacolo; all have benefited to the tune of more than 2,400 million dollars. These are initiatives that will allow the reactivation of the sector and the development of the territory to continue through the use of public spaces.

“This delivery of the results of the 2023 culture funds corresponds to lines whose main objective is inclusive reactivation and territorial development through the financing of cultural and artistic projects in all regions of the country, which have been evaluated and selected by professionals from outstanding trajectory and sectoral recognition,” says the Minister of Cultures, Julieta Brodsky Hernández.

Of the 2,400 million dollars delivered, 25% will be used to pay the salaries of the work teams, of which 54% corresponds to the hiring of women.

Line of Festivals and Meetings of the Entertainment Fund

With an amount exceeding 950 million pesos ($953,755,712), through the call of the National Fund for Performing Arts, 30 performing arts festivals will be financed, in the disciplines of theater, dance, opera, circus, puppets, oral storytelling and interdisciplinary, which considers all possible artistic combinations between these disciplines. 77% of the selected projects belong to regions other than the Metropolitan Region, including programming in the Northern, Central, Southern and Southern macro-zones.

In the category of Regional Festivals and Meetings there are initiatives such as the VII Festival of Contemporary Dance Chiloé Cuerpos en lluvia; 2nd Emerging Theater Festival in Lo Barnechea; 7th Show Carnival, Chiloé and Guaitecas 2023; 2nd International Festival of Performing Arts in Wallmapu – Kurüche; 2nd Performing Arts Festival The Last Frontier; and Escena Ñuble Primavera 2023. In the National Festivals and Meetings category there are CHARIVARI, La Fiesta del Circo 2023; the III Encounter in Valparaíso dance contact improvisation practice and the XIV Biobío Open Theater Festival 2023.

In the Festival and Trajectory Meetings modality, which provides for the financing of initiatives that have at least six previous versions, there are the XII Santiago Off International Festival, LOFT International Festival of Contemporary Dance 2023, the International Congress of Juggling and Circus Arts (CIMAC), FESTILAMBE , 7th International Theater Festival Chile Lambe Lambe – Sharing Humanity.

Organizational Line, Festivals, Fairs and Exhibitions of the Regional Fondart

With a focus on cultural reactivation, the new version of the Festivals, Markets, Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Line is the most relevant in terms of number of subjects and phases of the cultural cycle involved in a project of these categories, and therefore it is the one that considers the highest amount per Fund project.

In this announcement, this line has concentrated the application of this Fund which was previously at the national level. The increase in the amounts per project facilitates the interdisciplinarity of the proposals, which is in direct harmony with the Transition Fondart implemented by the current administration.

55 projects will benefit from the 2023 delivery, which corresponds to 37.5% more than the previous year (40 initiatives); for a total of 1,511,235,135 dollars, an amount in turn increased by 149.3% compared to the 2022 tender (606 million dollars). In relation to territoriality, 41 projects belong to regions other than the Metropolitan, to which over $1,000 million ($1,012,811,539) will be disbursed. This means that regional initiatives represent 74.5% of the total and 67% of the resources to be disbursed through this line.

One of the selected projects is “Carlos Leppe, the most beautiful day”, an exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago curated by Amalia Cross and with the support of D21, which addresses the artist’s performative work through a dozen audiovisuals File. The Tongoy Pintando Muralist Meeting in lo Chango (Coquimbo) is added; the second version of EUREKA 2023, International Festival of New Media (Biobío); the III version of the artisan meeting: Fair of Artisans and Artisans of the Llanquihue Basin (Los Lagos) and the continuation of the Creative Tsunami Fair of Local Artists (Tarapacá).

More information and list of winners here.

The festival lines of the Books, Audiovisual and Music funds will be delivered during this month. The rest of the Fund lines will be announced in January 2023.

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