The short film about the boss who sexually abuses a worker wins the Cortos en Grande 2022 Festival

A short film about a female worker who is sexually abused by her boss in a seafood factory has won the fourth edition of the Cortos en Grande festival.

We are talking about “Bivalva”, by Gabriel Montiel, which won the best fiction short film category.

The film tells the story of Ana (Gioretti Maldonado), a single mother who works as a worker in a seafood factory in Calbuco, a small town in southern Chile. Her daily life changes when she is sexually assaulted by her boss.

The woman tries to hide her pain from her son, in a film that portrays two characters affected by the harshness of the factory, time and loneliness.

“Bivalva” was also recognized as the best short film according to the vote of the audience.

The director also said he wanted to address the issue because abuse is a reality that has occurred in places like fisheries and shellfish factories in the South.

“We collect different experiences, which we consider important to tell and bring them, first on paper and then in cinematic format,” he explained.

The director also underlined that the idea came from Gioretti, the lead actress of the short, and that they wrote the screenplay together.

“We both come from working-class families, my mother, my aunt, my sister and I have also worked in a factory and known realities that have generally been hidden for decades. The topic may seem harsh and difficult, but we wanted to stick to reality, that’s why the treatment of the short lacks music or any other ‘imaginary’ element,” he explained.

national awards

“Ninguna Estrella”, by director Tana Gilbert, and “La Mecha”, by Nicholas Hooper, were other winners of the national competition in the respective categories of best documentary short and best animated short.

The jury, made up of Hugo Covarrubias, Nicole Costa and Pepa San Martín, also awarded a special mention for the short fiction film to “Oculto”, by Yamir Ibarra; special mention for the short documentary “El devenir ghost”, by Omar Arroyo and special mention for the animated short “The phantom touch”, by Pablo Cuturrufo.

The Audience Award for viewers who cast their preference online went to Diego Céspedes’ The Creatures That Melt in the Sun.

international competition

In the international competition, the prize for the best short film went to “Los Hucos de la Luna” by Paula D’Angelo Schmid (Peru), while the jury prize consisted of Arshad Khan (Pakistan), Anna Hoover (Alaska, USA ) and Humberto Busto (Mexico), was acquired by “Cicada”, from Daewoen Yoon (South Korea).

Furthermore, the international competition awarded a special mention to “Harta”, by Júlia de Paz (Spain) and another to “Blue Noise”, by Simon Maria Kubiena (Germany).

The fourth Cortos en Grande festival took place from November 4 to 28 in the cities of Puerto Montt, Antofagasta, Santiago, Concepción and Valparaíso. Then, between November 29 and December 21, he developed his online version through OndaMedia.

This 2022, the instance organized by Fundación Viart and Balmaceda Arte Joven, exhibited more than 50 short films by emerging Chilean and foreign directors, under 30 years old.

Its realization was possible thanks to the co-financing of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, through the PAOCC2022 Fund, the support of the GAM Center, Filmo Estudios, La Fábrica de Medios and Latam Cinema. Thanks also to this year’s venues, Insomnia Teatro Condell (Valparaíso), Cineteca Nacional de Chile at La Moneda Cultural Center (Santiago), Steel Artists Cultural Corporation (Concepción), Esquina Returnable Cine Club + Arte (Antofagasta), Casa del Diego Rivera Art of the Cultural Corporation of Puerto Montt (Puerto Montt).

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