Free cinema at the Alameda Art Center

Free cinema at the Alameda Art Center

  • CEINA, Arturo Prat 33, Metropolitan University of Chile.
  • Tuesday 27th December – 5pm
  • Register here.

“The fire has no shadow: three years after the fire at the Centro Arte Alameda” will be a commemorative film day to be held at the current location of the emblematic cultural center which suffered the consequences of the fire in 2019, after receiving a tear gas bomb in the framework of the demonstrations of the social outbreak, a case that still continues without perpetrators.

“Too late to die young” (2018) by Dominga Sotomayor, “The sky is red” (2020) by Francina Carbonell + conversation, and “My brothers dream awake” (2021) by Claudia Huaiquimilla are the selected films that will be screened with free shows. All three made by local directors, who light the way for the new Chilean cinema, and with one element in common: fire as a disruptive element in their plots.

After more than two years of investigation after the fire of the Centro Arte Alameda and despite the sample of evidence, the testimonies of citizens, audiovisual documents and even a report made by the DICTUC (Directorate of Scientific and Technological Investigations of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) , in which a tear gas canister qualifies as an incendiary object, in July of this year the Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered the judiciary not to pursue the case. The building that housed the cinema remains in rubble, uninhabitable and with no clear future for reconstruction.

Despite the hardships and inconveniences of unpunished destruction, the Centro Arte Alameda team continues to move forward, with an unstoppable and distinguished cinema lineup and various cultural events. From the present he remembers the fire as a dark stage, and even if he doesn’t forget, he takes the fire as a creative glow: an exercise in reinvention that had to be done and continues to promote his programming, seeing no other option.


17:00 – LATE TO DIE YOUNG (2018) – Directed by Dominga Sotomayor

Winner of the Leopard for Best Director at the Locarno International Film Festival, the film, set in the ecological community of Peñalolén in 1990, tells the story of a teenager named Sofía (Demian Hernández), who faces adolescence and her first experience amorous, experiencing triumphs, fear and hate.

19:00 – THE SKY IS RED (2020) – Directed by Francina Carbonell + CINEFORUM

Winner of the Feisal Award for Best Film, Latin American competition at the Mar de Plata Film Festival 2021, the film deals with the fire in the San Miguel prison in 2010, which killed 81 inmates. Only a few recordings of the incident were broadcast in the media. This documentary has full access to the court file records, reused to underline its quality of evidence.

After the screening there will be a conversation with the presence of Francina Carbonell, moderated by journalist and film critic Marisol Aguila.

20:45 – MY BROTHERS DREAM AWAY (2021) – Directed by Claudia Huaiquimilla

Winner of the Feature Film Competition at the 28th edition of the Valdivia International Film Festival, the feature film tells the story of brothers Ángel (17) and Franco (14), who live in the SENAME juvenile prison. There, despite the difficulties, they formed a solid group of friends with whom they spend their days sharing dreams of freedom.

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