The government carries out a new assessment of the fire in Viña del Mar and estimates that “there is no risk of progress” of the accident

The authorities of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security have carried out an assessment of the emergency that is being experienced in the Valparaíso region, the product of a violent fire that has devastated 125 hectares, after having registered several victims in the municipality of Viña del Mar .

As Undersecretary Manuel Monsalve explained, the still ongoing fire caused two deaths, 30 injuries (27 civilians and three firefighters) and 70 people registered as refugees.

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The head of the undersecretary of the Interior stressed that there is particular concern for the damaged homes and reported that, according to the municipality led by Mayor Macarena Ripamonti (RD), there are 130; figure that could be changed before monitoring the passage of flames. This information will be released during this day, after taking aerial images before the fire, contrasted with the paranormal after the accident.

Monsalve also stressed that an information investigation will be conducted by teams from the Municipality of Viña del Mar and the Ministry of Social Development, the results of which will be announced on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

There are six thousand families without an electricity service, added the Undersecretary of the Interior, and, although there is less pressure in some sectors, the drinking water health service remains active throughout the area in a State of Constitutional Exception for Catastrophe due to a Public Calamity and where the Chief of National Defense is already fulfilling his duties.

15 helicopters, eight tanker planes and a coordination plane, 11 Conaf brigades, four fast vehicles, six tankers and 51 firefighting vehicles with 200 volunteers were deployed in the area.

“At this time, under the current fire conditions and current weather conditions, it is believed that there is no risk of the fire advancing”he condemned the government authority, recalling the aid provided for those affected.

“There are shelters provided by Onemi and basic emergency information sheets are being compiled which will allow access to funds, emergency accommodation, emergency kits, as well as pre-emption bonds for people who have lost assets.”

In addition, the coordination between the undersecretary of regional development Nicolás Cataldo and the municipality of Ciudad Jardín will provide resources for the machinery that allows the removal of debris.

The head of the branch, Minister Carolina Tohá, added that “there is no doubt that today’s situation, right now, is very different from yesterday evening”, although she warned that “the afternoon could bring us wind again” . So, “what is least necessary now is to claim victory,” she said, assessing the deployment of resources in the face of flames. “A fire of this magnitude could have an infinitely higher level of damage right now if it weren’t for the volunteers.”

It is worth mentioning that, by helicopter, President Gabriel Boric left for Viña del Mar, to organize a series of activities. This Friday afternoon, the President will hold a meeting with top governments and local authorities in Ciudad Jardín to discuss progress on fire control.

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