The mission of the Future Congress 2023: to look for “the solutions of the future but with the feet present in today”

The Future Congress 2023 will be held between 16 and 21 January 2023. On this occasion, the central theme of the event is “Without Real Limit”. With more than 100 guests, together with the leading exponents of the country and the world, the challenges and opportunities represented by the virtuality of the Metaverse will be faced. There was the executive secretary of the Council of the Future, Carola Muñoz The Bank at La Clave talking about the challenges that the pandemic has introduced in relation to virtuality.

“During the pandemic we were all very connected and everything was done virtually, talking about the metaverse and the parallel universe that we built in a virtuality that fell like a drawer and also about all the implications that this reality has disconnected from your normal life, from your daily life and the relationships that we must have between human beings, in the end we were all eager to get out of the virtuality and meet again,” said Muñoz.

Among the prominent novelties of the 2023 version, there is the return to face-to-face. The event will be held at the Teatro Oriente, located in the municipality of Providencia, an instance where there will be national and international exhibitors from various fields of knowledge, such as science, the humanities and the arts.

“We understand that there must be a super attractive motto, but even from there, we make a descent of the reality of how we are today and what are the solutions we can have thinking about the future, but with our feet present in today,” added the secretary executive of the Future Council.

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In this sense, Carola Muñoz stressed that the talks are an invitation to reflect on various current concerns.

“Every day the program answers a particular question, so we have what inspires us, where we are, where we are, what we want and how we do it. The story of the program and the talks answer or seek to raise concerns about these questions I mentioned earlier , but we must also have the answers, we cannot wait for a guru to arrive and stand in front of the stage and tell us what we are dealing with with a reality that is super different from the European one, the American one, so that is why it is important that this program highlights also the number of Chilean men and women who will be featured in the program,” said Muñoz.

In addition, he mentioned some of the guests who will be present at Congreso Futuro in January 2023, including the founder of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky, who invites us to question the role of science as an answer to all problems; the Nobel Peace Prize and the 2020 World Food Prize, Rattan Lal, who will speak on the challenges of environmentally responsible agriculture; bioethicist in technology and virtual health, Jodi Halpern; American sociologist and digital revolution specialist Shoshana Zuboff; the visionary of Artificial Intelligence applied to forensic analysis, Rita Singh; computer scientist and philosopher, Yuk Hui; the academic and doctor Víctor Montori; Doctor of Philosophy Francisco Martorell; marine biologist and National Geographic documentary maker Sylvia Earle.

Likewise, he announced that for the first time exhibitors will not only be in Santiago, but will travel to different regions of the country.

“I want to underline that there is a working group in the regions, we have been working for a year with the communities of the regions, the regional government and the universities, to raise their issues and from there we send them the exhibitors of the Future Central Congress”, he said explained Carola Muñoz.

“International exhibitors will travel from Santiago to these different regions between January 16 and 21, normally to the regional capitals and, as it happens in Santiago, it is also free, they have to search for tickets or register depending on the region. All information is available on the Future Congress page”, he concluded.

Tickets for all talks are free upon registration from the Future Congress website.

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